MAPUTO, Mozambique – Baseball’s development in the Sub-Saharan country of Mozambique is gaining support from the highest governmental levels, including Mozambique’s National Institute of Sport and the Mozambique Olympic Committee.

Through grassroots efforts and baseball’s growing global visibility, the sport is beginning to take root in the African nation.

As a result, sports leaders in the nation are laying the groundwork for the creation of the Mozambique Baseball Softball Federation.

World Baseball Softball Confederation President Riccardo Fraccari recently visited Mozambique to observe the status and levels of support baseball and softball have in the country.

Baseball and softball’s return to the Olympic Games in 2020 has also added serious legitimacy behind investing in the sport, particularly in new and emerging baseball/softball territories, such as Africa, and the Middle East.

“There is a concrete, positive movement and enthusiasm for baseball in Mozambique, which is attracting a growing number of young people to try the sport,” said Fraccari.  “The budding interest in baseball has also been noted by governmental authorities here, as it represents an opportunity to expand the sporting landscape in Mozambique while having a positive impact on local economies.”

Meetings took place between WBSC and local baseball leaders, the national sports ministry and Olympic committee to outline the steps, criteria and strategic plan for establishing the new federation.

The WBSC leader said the creation of the Mozambique Baseball Softball Federation would soon be necessary to help harness the current growth and give the bat and ball sport an official status in the country as well as official recognition and support at the international level.

The leaders also attended a baseball game together, organised by Mozambique baseball pioneer and former Stanford University star, Edward Orrizzi.

“Mr. Orrizzi is leading a great movement of baseball in Mozambique, one that transcends sport and is touching young people’s lives and serving society,” said Fraccari.  “These are the values at the core of our sport, and WBSC will explore all opportunities with the authorities here to advance baseball in Mozambique.”