WBSC took the African Development Project (ADP) to Ivory Coast. This was the third Country visited by WBSC envoy instructors, after Zambia and Kenya, the first of the Francophone area.

A total of 25 participated in the Sports Management seminar, hosted by the National Baseball Softball Federation (Fédération Ivoirienne de Baseball et de Softball) at the facilities of the National Olympic Committee in the Country’s Capital Abidjan. The participants had different backgrounds: baseball and softball players, coaches, members of the City’s most important clubs, physical education teachers and staff of the National Baseball and Softball Federation, including the Secretary-General and the Technical Director.

The course developed on two full days and covered topics ranging from administration to planning, governance and communication. The participants were also given a brief introduction to Baseball5 and to the benefits of the new urban version of baseball-softball as a tool for inclusion in Countries with limited resources.

WBSC also took the chance to meet the Secretary-General of the National Baseball Softball Federation in order to understand the challenges that face the developing process of baseball and softball in Ivory Coast.

The African Development Project aims, in its phase one, at bringing sport management knowledge to a Country.
Once the National Federation has completed phase one, it’s entitled to go through phase two and host WBSC envoy coaches for two different seminars.

The ADP was built by WBSC Development Commission and the African Baseball and Softball Association (ABSA) as a result of the WBSC African Baseball Summit 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

African Development Project Ivory Coast