Argentina, ranked No. 6 in the world for men’s softball, has won the 2016 South American Men’s Softball Championship over No. 4 Venezuela. Argentina remained unbeaten throughout the tournament winning all ten games played.

Nine teams from the South American region gathered in Panama City, Panama for the event, including Argentina, U-19 Argentina, Aruba, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama-A, Panama-B, Peru and Venezuela.

In the Gold Medal game, Argentina jumped ahead in the first inning when Manuel Godoy was hit by a pitch and Bruno Motroni hit a 2-out RBI triple to right field for the 1-0.  Jacinto Cipriota scored the second and final run in the fourth, thanks to a pass ball. The Argentine second baseman hit a single to left and advanced to third with two previous pass balls.

However, it wasn’t all easy for Argentina. Venezuela provided a scare in the bottom of the seventh. After a dropped strikeout and a single to right, Venezuela put the tying run on first with only one out. But pitcher Roman Godoy came back and struck out the last two hitters of the game to clinch the title.

Godoy was named the game’s MVP allowing only 2 hits, and striking out 16 opponents during the game.

In the Bronze Medal game, Venezuela prevailed over the host team Panama-A by 3-2 in eight innings.

Panama A took the lead in the first with a run by Martin Solis. Venezuela answered in the same inning, when Jorge Lima and Erwin Diaz scored. Then Panama-A tied the game with help from Abdiel Rodriguez.

In the bottom of the eighth, with the bases loaded and a tied ballgame, Rogelio Sequera scored the winning run in a close play causing anguish to the home team and public.

1st Place: Argentina
2nd Place: Venezuela
3rd Place: Panama-A

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Full games results

Game Team Team Score
Sunday, May 8
1 ECU ARU 0-4
2 ARU PAN-B 0-2
3 PAN-B PER 7-0
4 ARG (U-19) ARG 8-12
5 VEN ARG (U-19) 5-0
6 PER PAN-A 0-11
7 COL VEN 1-2
Monday, May 9
8 PAN-B ECU 8-1
9 COL ARG (U-19) 4-1
10 PER COL 2-5
11 ECU ARG 0-12
12 ARG VEN 6-0
13 PAN-A ARG (U-19) 7-0
14 PAN-A ARU 7-3
Tuesday, May 10
15 ECU PER 7-0
16 ARG (U-19) PAN-B 1-2
17 VEN PAN-B 3-0
18 ARU ARG 0-10
19 ARG COL 3-0
20 COL PAN-A 1-2
21 PAN-A ECU 7-1
Wednesday, May 11
22 PAN-B COL 2-9
23 ECU COL 1-2
24 ARG PER 9-0
25 PER ARG (U-19) 0-10
26 ARG (U-19) ARU 3-1
27 ARU VEN 3-0
28 VEN PAN-A 5-2
Thursday, May 12
29 VEN ECU 12-1
30 PER VEN 0-10
31 ARU PER 10-0
32 COL ARU 2-1
33 ARG (U-19) ECU 0-1
34 ARG PAN-B 6-0
35 PAN-A ARG 2-5
36 PAN-B PAN-A 3-4
Friday, May 13
Semi-Final #1 COL PAN-A 0-1
Semi-Final #2 VEN ARG 1-13
Saturday, May 14
Bronze PAN-A VEN 2-3
Gold VEN ARG 0-2