BANGDUNG, Indonesia – An Australian women’s baseball delegation, which includes “Emeralds” National Team members and manager Simone Wearne, is currently in neighbouring country Indonesia to bring the teachings and benefits of the game to Indonesian girls.

The Aussie women baseballers, some of whom participated for Australia at the WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup last year, have also been impressing both male and female spectators with competitive games against local Indonesian men’s baseball clubs, underlining the key message of gender-equality.

Traveling to local schools, over 350 girls in the West Java city of Bangdung were recently introduced to baseball through the Australian international social development programme, Diamonds in the Rough.

“My daughter has never had an opportunity like this before. Being coached by these Australian players and building her self confidence is so important for her. I wish the Emeralds would come back regularly so that even more children can have this opportunity,” one father said.

The project was launched last year by Baseball Australia and the Australian Government (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade), with the aim of harnessing baseball to build future leaders and self-confidence among young girls Indonesia. This latest trip to Indonesia is the third since the launch of the programme.

Diamonds in the Rough is also backed by the Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth, and NO MORE.