WHITEHORSE, Yukon, Canada – The WBSC Softball Division conducted a pitching clinic at the Men’s Softball World Championship as part of its High Performance programme. The Australian ace, Adam Folkard, took time out of his competition schedule to lead the instructions for the India, Hong Kong, and Turkey’s pitching staffs.

India and Turkey are making their world softball debuts, participating in their first men’s championship, while Hong Kong returns after a 13-year absence. Each are still developing their elite men’s softball program, but are eating up every opportunity to gain further knowledge.

No. 1 New Zealand shares skills with Turkey

The Men’s Softball World Championship has given Turkey three lopsided games so far, allowing a total of 81 runs to be scored on them. In every game they could not make it beyond their third at bat.

Regardless, their first experience in a World Championship will be worth a lot of memories. After the game against New Zealand, Turkey was given a rare chance to experience some advanced softball instruction from the World’s No. 1 National Team players themselves. Each player matched up with whom played at his position and shared different drills.

The initiative has been named “amazing sportsmanship” on Twitter. The tweet has been shared many times. In one case, it was highlighted by a significant hashtag: #onebigfamily.

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