The Baseball Federation of Japan (BFJ) organized a two-day Baseball5 Seminar in Tokyo, Japan, from 26-27 January, with the support of the WBSC. A total of 66 coaches and players learned the basics of the new WBSC urban discipline to create a domino effect all over the country in the next months.

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) Development Division or Academy coaches; and coaches from BFJ took advantage of the opportunity to understand the rules, methods, techniques of the new discipline from the two WBSC specialists who ran the activity.

After this Baseball5 Seminar, BFJ will send out the coaches to other cities to promote the street discipline across the country and fulfil the requests from many people asking to learn and play Baseball5, especially among the kids, youth, high schools and universities.

More than 40 countries have been introduced to the new urban/street discipline since the WBSC launched Baseball5, less than a year ago.