Mike Trout is set to break an all-time record for the richest contract in the history of baseball and history of professional sports, valued at a total of US$ 426 million dollars, the highest dollar amount of any single contract to date, if confirmed. Sources reported that the 27-year-old superstar outfielder has agreed to terms with Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Angels for an extension of the US$ 144.5 million-six year-deal he signed in 2014 and that would expire after the 2020 season.

The extension is worth 10 years and $360 million. This means that Trout is committed to the Angels until after the 2030 season and will be paid a total $426.5 million, considering the $66.5 million the Angels still owe him.

When infielder Manny Machado signed a 10-year-300-million deal with the San Diego Padres in February, it was the first contract given to a free agent worth a total 300 million and broke the historical 10-year-275 million mark set by Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees in 2008. A few weeks later, Bryce Harper signed a 13-year-330 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies.

While other sports stars in football (soccer) may top Trout in annual salary (but not the overall $426 million total), the young slugger will be the highest paid baseball player on the planet, earning $35.542 million per year, surpassing Zack Greinke (Arizona Diamondbacks, $ 34.4 million).

Michael Nelson Trout was born in August 1991 in New Jersey. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels out of High School in 2009. He made his debut in the Major Leagues on 8 July 2011. He went on to win six Silver Slugger Awards and two American League MVP awards (2014, 2016). He made the All-Star team seven times.

Mike Trout played on the USA Baseball National Team at the 2010 Pan Am Games Qualifier in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He made the All-Tournament team together with other future big Leaguers as Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas.