Under the umbrella of Olympic Solidarity, the development of baseball, softball and Baseball5 in Turkey moved one step forward. WBSC and the Continental Association WBSC Europe, in collaboration with the Turkish Olympic Committee and the Turkish Baseball Softball American Football and Rugby Federation, promoted a series of seminars for athletes coaches and umpires in the coastal city of Antalya.

The first seminar was dedicated to softball coaches and umpires. The instructors were Ben Ten Pas (coach) and Raoul Machalet (umpire).

A Baseball seminar was held by umpire Mo Jankovic and coach Andrea D’Auria. Participants were introduced to Baseball5, the new urban version of baseball-softball.

Two translators, Feyza Akay and Eyluyl Cisem Uçar worked every session of the two seminars.

It was an intense six days. Through a statement, the Baseball Softball American Football and Rugby Federation thanked WBSC and expressed the hope that such occasions may happen more often in the near future.

Baseball, softball and Baseball5 seminar in Antalya, Turkey

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