Day 2 of the Baseball5 Americas Open concluded the Opening Round and started the ‘Sprint Round’.

At the end of the Opening Round, following the first 10 matches played over series at best of 3 games, Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela were all tied on top with a 4-1 record. Puerto Rico in fourth place with a record of 1-4 followed by Guatemala 0-5.

Currently After 15 games the standings are as follow:

Venezuela 5 – 1

Colombia 5 – 2

Cuba 4 – 2

Puerto Rico 1 – 5

Guatemala 0 – 5

Crucial for definition of standings that will dictate who will compete for the final prize will be last 5 games left to play in the morning of Saturday 20th of April. Particularly Game 17 Colombia – Venezuela that sees the hosts forced to win to keep there hopes for alive, while Venezuela would secure a spot in the final in case of a win.

Cuba on its end needs to win agains Guatemala and Puerto Rico in Games 16 and 19 to have a chance to play in the final. A possible 3-way tie on the top f the standings at the end will be ruled in favour of the 2 teams with the highest average of runs scored per inning in the matches between the 3 teams.