CARTAGENA, Colombia — Host team of the Colombian Softball Federation scored victories over Guatemala, Puerto Rico and Cuba to go a perfect 3-0 on Day 1 action of the inaugural Baseball5 Americas Open.

Victory selfie for Colombia after the win over Cuba

The first round of the tournament is a 5-team group stage, round-robin format with all matches played over a series of best to 3 games format.

From tomorrow the 5 teams (Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela) will also face each others in a ‘sprint round’ where matches are of a single 5-inning format.

At the end of the the ‘sprint round’ the 2 teams with the best record will contend the first prize while the third and fourth placed will play for the the third prize.

The standing after day 1 is as follow:

Colombia 3 – 0

Cuba 2 -1

Venezuela 1 -1

Puerto Rico 0 – 2

Guatemala 0 – 2