MONTREAL, Canada — Organized by Baseball Quebec, the first Quebec Baseball5 tournament was held last Sunday at the Claude Robillard Center in Montreal, home of the Canadian Baseball Academy (CBA). The activity was also intended to raise funds for the CBA and introduce the new discipline to the baseball community.

A total of 22 teams of 5 or 6 players were formed and some of them even moved from the Outaouais or Mauricie to participate in the event for a grand total o well over 100 players. The tournament featured around sixty (60) games played over five courts. Among several good teams, G-Town claimed the gold medal and the champions trophy in the final against the Pirates.

With Softball Quebéc umpires officiating the games, this event is yet another example on how Baseball5 can foster cooperation between the baseball and the softball communities. Also, Baseball Quebéc explains how the discipline that did not convince the most when first launched but that after experiencing the inclusivity and the dynamism of the game, we shall expect more Baseball5 coming out of that region.

Branding and venue set-up

Celebrity Game 

In the middle of the day, comedian and host Anaïs Favron and his 100% female team battled blogger and author Patrick Beauséjour, better known as “Le Barbu de ville”, with a team made up of some Baseball staff Quebec. For the occasion, the two teams played 7 innings and the formation of the Barbu de ville was imposed at the end of the match.