“Baseball5 is a new five-on-five, five-inning street version of the game of Baseball/Softball that can be played anywhere. This faster urban discipline will help drive baseball and softball to new places not possible before.”

WBSC President
Riccardo Fraccari

“No construction or dedicated venue needed”
Baseball5™ can be played on any surface, indoors or outdoors.

“Adapts to any environment”
It’s a true street discipline: the game can be self-regulated by teams who can agree on the basics upfront, based on the surroundings, as in any pickup game.

“All you need is a ball”
A rubber ball is the only equipment needed to play the game.

“Skills transfer to traditional baseball/softball”
Baseball5™ is a fast-paced team sport where individual skills and hand-eye coordination are highlighted.

“A game for all demographics”
Baseball5™ promotes inclusion: men, women and youth can play, benefit and enjoy it at any level.

“Social contribution”
Baseball5™ will help boost overall sports participation and physical activity among young people. It’s accessibility makes it invaluable particularly to the most underserved communities.

Baseball5 Rules

Baseball5™ or B5 is a street version of the classic game of Baseball/Softball. It is a fast, young and dynamic discipline that follows the same founding principles of baseball and softball. Baseball5™ can be played everywhere and requires only a rubber ball to be played.

1-The Field
2-Game Preliminaries
3-Game Rules
4-End of the Game

1 The Field

1.1 Infield
The infield has a square shape, with a base in every corner. The distance in between bases is 13 meters. Starting from the batter’s box, behind home plate.
The bases are numbered anti-clock wise (first, second and third).

1.2 Fair Territory
The fair territory has a square shape of 18 meters per side, in which one of the corners coincides with the home plate.

1.3 Batter’s Box
The batter’s box has a square shape of 3 meters per side. It is placed outside of the fair territory and is built on the extension of the two foul lines crossing each other at the home plate corner.

1.4 Bases

Ideal shape and size of all bases is a square of 50 centimeters per side. First base and third base shall be placed completely in fair territory, with one side tangent to the foul line.

1.4.1 First Base
In order to avoid collisions, the first base is “double” (see picture 3), so that while the defensive play is made on the base in fair territory, the batter/runner’s goal is totouch the base in foul territory.

The batter in the action of running towards first base, after putting the ball in play, has to touch the base and has to remain in the area included within the base and the 1,5 meter-safe-area attached to it.

1.4.3 Home Base/Plate
It could also be shaped like the baseball-softball home plate.

1.5 Fences
The ideal height of the fences must be 60-80 centimeters. However, every league/tournament organisation may decide on other ways of limiting the field of play, such as using existing walls or marking the ground. In these cases, specific ground rules are needed.

2 Game Preliminaries

2.1 The Ball
The game is played with the official WBSC Baseball5™ ball.

2.2 Inning
An Inning is a division of a Baseball5™ game consisting of a turn at bat for each team. A Baseball5™ game is made of 5 innings.

2.3 Team Players
The number of active players per team during a game is 5 at all times.
The maximum number of players in the roster is 8 (5 in play and 3 reserves).


3 Game Rules

The Home team starts the game at defense and the Guest The game is played with the official WBSC Baseball5TM ball. team starts it at offense.
The goal of the defensive team is to eliminate (make “outs”) three players of the offensive team in order to switch sides. Then, the defensive team becomes the offensive team and vice-versa.

3.1 Defense/Defensive Team
The 5 players of the defensive team shall all be in fair territory when the batter hits the ball.

3.1.1 Positions:
-1st Base
-2nd Base
-3rd Base
-Mid Fielder

3.2 Offense/Offensive Team
The offensive team shall present a Batting Order before the start of the game, listing the 5 active players hitting from 1 to 5. The batting order shall be followed throughout the game unless a player is substituted for another. In that case, the substitute shall take the place of the replaced player in the batting order.

3.2.1 Hitting/Batting
The act of hitting takes place while a hitter is entirely in the batter’s box and shall remain within the lines until the hit ball gets into fair territory.
The ball has to be hit hard (slapped) either with a palm or a fist and must touch the fair ground at least once.

3.2.2 Illegal Hitting
The first bounce has to be minimum at a distance of 3 meters from home plate (2 meters for under 14 category).

3.2.3 Points/Runs
A point (run) is scored once a player completes the full circle around the bases during an offensive session of his/her team, therefore, after having touched 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Home Plate in this order.

3.3 Outs
The defensive team shall eliminate 3 opponents in each inning in order to switch sides and become the offensive team.

3.3.1 Outs
-By touching the base (while in possession of the ball) in which a runner is “forced” to run to;
-By catching a hit ball before it touches the ground at least once;
-By tagging a runner when he/she is not on a base (touching the runner with the ball in the hands).

3.3.2 How the offensive players eliminate themselves due to illegal behaviours/actions:
-By touching one of the batter’s box lines while hitting the ball;
-By hitting the ball in foul territory;
-By not making ball touch the fair ground at least once before touching the fence or going above the fences;
-By not repeating the batting order and hitting in place of a teammate;
-By a runner leaving the base before the batter hits the ball;
-By passing a teammate while in the action of running the bases;
-By being tagged while two or more runners are on the same base. The one behind in the batting order shall be called “out”.

NOTE: Runners must do everything possible to avoid collision with the defenders. Should an umpire decide that a runner could have avoided a collision, the runner shall be ruled “out”.

3.4 Substitutions
The players in the starting line-up can re-enter the game after having been substituted. The reserve players can enter the game only once, therefore, once they are substituted, they cannot re-enter.

4 End of the Game

The game ends at the end of the fifth inning if one team has scored more runs than the opponent. In case of a tie game, the teams shall play and complete extra inning(s) until one team scores more runs than the opponent.

Should the Home Team be ahead on the score after the Guest Team has completed its fifth offensive inning , the game is over and the Home Team wins.

This “simple” version of baseball and softball will target mostly young people, especially in dense, highly populated areas were practice of the traditional game faces limitations. The potential to expand our sport is tremendous. With Baseball5™, WBSC inters to build a bridge that will spread and connect our sports around the world.