MANAGUA, Nicaragua — The Softball competition of the Managua 2017 Central American Games will come to an end on Thursday, with the Men’s and Women’s playoffs.

In the Women’s competition, Guatemala and Nicaragua will have double life in the page system, while El Salvador and Panama will try to reach the gold medal by the long road. On the other hand in the Men’s event, Guatemala and Panama will play for the first spot in the final, while Nicaragua and Honduras will play a win-or-go-home game to stay alive.


In the Women’s event, Guatemala lost their two games yesterday, even though they had clinched at least the second place in the standings. In their first game, the Guatemalan team lost against Panama by 5-4, allowing the Panamanians to play for first place in the standings against Nicaragua. In their second game, Guatemala lost against El Salvador by 7-3. The game between Panama and Nicaragua required extra innings as the host team won by 7-6 in an even and intense game.

With the completion of the round robin phase, the playoffs match-ups were established.

Guatemala (4-2) and Nicaragua (4-2) will play on Thursday in the first semi-final game, looking to advance directly to the final game. Both teams will finish the event on the podium. In the second semi-final game, Panama (third in the round robin with a 3-3 record) will face El Salvador (1-5) in a win-or-go-home game.

The Women’s playoffs will be held in the Hugo Chavez stadium.

Wednesday – December 6th, 2017

9 8:00 am Hugo Chavez Stadium ESA 7 3 GUA
10 10:00 am Hugo Chavez Stadium PAN 5 4 GUA
11 12:00 pm Hugo Chavez Stadium NCA 7 6 PAN
12 2:00 pm ENEL Stadium ESA 4 9 NCA


The Men’s playoffs were decided on Wednesday as the round robin preliminary round ended. Guatemala ended the round robin undefeated, winning their game against El Salvador 3-2. They will face Panama in the playoffs, who clinched the second place with a 5-0 victory against Costa Rica. Both teams have secured a medal and will have double life in the playoffs.

On the other hand, Honduras clinched third place, with two wins against Nicaragua by 2-1 and El Salvador by 8-2. The Honduran team will play against the host team in the second semi-final game, looking for a win and a spot in the podium.

El Salvador (1-4) and Costa Rica (0-5) finished outside of the medal fight.

Wednesday – December 6th, 2017

11 8:00 am Roberto Clemente Stadium CRC 0 5 PAN
12 10:00 am Roberto Clemente Stadium HON 8 2 ESA
13 12:00 pm Roberto Clemente Stadium ESA 2 3 GUA
14 2:00 pm Roberto Clemente Stadium HON 2 1 NCA
15 4:00 pm ENEL Stadium NCA 7 0 ESA