Cuba won the baseball5 tournament played at the Foro Italico in Rome in the afternoon of Thursday, 10 May. Cuba was expected as the best team and didn’t disappoint.


“We shouldn’t really focus on the scores” commented WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari “But on the potential of baseball5. The game did impress the National Olympic Committee and Italy is another country were baseball5 could strongly support development”.

For the records, these were the results of the games


Cuba-France 12-4
France-Italy 16-0
CUba-Italy 13-0
Cuba-France 11-1
France-Italy 7-0
Cuba-Italy 18-0


Cuba-France 23-1

The games were umpired by Italian Federation blues Antonino Italiano, Rosario Falciano and Fabrizio Bordi.

The event was played as the tennis Italian Open started to get busy with the last qualification matches. Tennis fans stopped by to take a look at baseball5 and showed their appreciation.

Tennis fans stopped by to take a look at baseball5 (K73-Nadoc)

The Cuban team will now fly to Prague, Czech Republic, for a clinic that will involve 12 countries in Cuba.

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