PRAGUE, Czech Republic – For the fourth time, players, coaches, umpires, fans, and officials celebrated the end of another season at the Czech Softball Gala.

The evening began with a highlight video, featuring the National Champions – two-time winner Hippos Havličkův Brod for men and Žraloci Ledenice for women.

Individual awards announced

Lucie Halakucova from Žraloci Ledenice was awarded the best batter of the 2017 season as well as the play-off MVP. “The best hitter award is what I value the most,” Halakucova said. “Hitting is what I focus on, that is my domain, that’s where I feel I can help the team the most. My goal was to hit as many home runs as possible. What a paradox that I had to squeeze-bunt twice in the final series.”

For the men, Patrik Kopečný, also from Žraloci Ledenice, was announced the best junior (U-22) of the year, and the best batter of men’s extraleague, too. “It was a great season with Žraloci, we made it to the final, the title was really close. I enjoyed the season with my home club Seitl Ostrava in the juniors category, too. Thank you goes to all my teammates,” said Patrik Kopečný. Apolena Výborná became the junior of the year in women’s category.

Veronika Peckova, who recently pitched in the finals of the Chinese Taipei Professional League, was awarded the best pitcher of the season. Talented Michael Holobradek, number one pitcher of the National Champion – Hippos, and a novice in the Czech Men’s National Team, took two awards – the best pitcher of the season and the play-off MVP.

All of the above-mentioned awards were based on voting of the Extraleague clubs head-coaches and team captains. Two more players were awarded, based on statistics.

Eva Rendlova had the highest RBI (29): “You have to get up there and hit like a man,” Rendlova said.

David Mertl has been dominating among all Czech hitters when it comes to a number of home runs hit. Last year, he broke the record of 200 home runs in the history of Czech Extraleague. In 2017, he added 12 more home runs: “I want to thank all the pitchers,” said David Mertl while laughing.