Today’s 7 Wonders of the Worlds

  1. Mads Simonsen almost single-handedly kept the Danes alive versus Japan with a pair of solo homeruns.
  2. Juan Malarczuk – Argentina’s leadoff hitter has really done his job. He has been on base in every at bat but one in the championship. In his three at-bats last night against New Zealand he had two hits and a walk in three trips and today he registered a hit, got on base on an error and hit a sac fly.
  3. James Brownlow Australia’s 1B went 3 for 4 with a homer. He had three RBIs and two runs scored in their win over Netherlands.
  4. Jeff Ellsworth went 2 for 3 with four RBIs and a homerun in Canada’s win. The RF also scored a pair of runs.
  5. Jason Hill – Canada’s designated hitter went 2 for 2 with a walk against Czech Republic. One of those hits was a home run.
  6. Thomas Enoka went 3 for 4 with three RBIs and scored three runs in the Kiwi’s win over Great Britain.
  7. Daishi Uramoto the Japanese 1B went 2 for 3 with a double and two RBIs and scored what turned out to be the game winning run in Japan’s win over Denmark.

Game Summaries

Game 10: United States vs Dominican Republic 6-5

The first game of the day was one that many thought would be the game of the day. Both teams were coming off big wins yesterday and their bats looked loaded. However, things got off to a slow start as the first run wasn’t scored until the top of the 3rd. The Americans opened up the scoring as Pat Sagdal scored on a pass ball following his triple.

The action increased in the top of the 4th when USA scored a pair of unearned runs with two outs. The Dominican Republic bats came to life in the bottom of the inning registering four hits to score four runs. The big hit was a two run triple by Freddy Moreta and it chased starter Gerald Muizelaar. In came Tony Mancha, Game 1 winner for the USA, who brought a sense of calm to his team. Those runs did not bother the American bats, as they replied with three runs as a result of a homer by RF Josh Johnson. Mancha finished the Dominicans off nicely, allowing just one runner to reach on a walk.

Game 11: Japan vs Denmark 5-2

The Japanese looked like they had the game under control coming into the bottom of the 5th. They looked more dangerous than the Danes at the plate and were smooth as usual on defence, performing three inning ending double plays. Only a 5th inning homerun by Mads Simonsen made things interesting.

The Japanese came right back with a run which they manufactured on a walk, stolen base and a bloop single. Japan’s speed continued to frustrate Denmark. A couple of errors and an infield hit created more trouble, producing a second run and a 3-1 lead.

Japan thought they had put things away with a pair of runs in the 7th as a result of a walk and doubles by Naoaki Kawada and Daishi Uramoto. However, Simonsen did his best to keep the Danes in the game with another dinger.

The stubborn Danes brought the tying run to the plate with two outs when Valdemar Terkelson was absolutely robbed of an extra base hit by Japanese CF Yukihiro Nishiama to end the game. Many fans missed the catch as they were busy looking to see if Terkelson would be able to score, since they assumed the ball uncatchable and going to the wall.

Game 12: Australia vs Netherlands 8-0

Australia exploded with five hits in top of the 2nd including a two run shot by LF Mark Harris. They duplicated that result in the top of the 3rd thanks to a three run dinger by James Brownlow. In the top of the 7th, they hit their third multi-run dinger, this time courtesy of Julian Jemmott. Pitcher Harrison Peters kept Netherlands at bay giving up only three hits while striking out 13.

Game 13: Argentina vs Guatemala 7-0

Argentina’s had two, 3-run innings which was more than enough support for pitchers Sebastian Gervasutti and Huemul Mata. In the top of the 3rd Bruno Motrini hit a three run dinger scoring Juan Malarczuk and Teo Migliavacca who both had singled. In the top of the 4th, Juan Zara’s two run triple capped of the three runs and gave them the 7-run differential.

Game 14: Mexico vs Venezuela 1-6

This was a lot closer than many expected. Mexico pitcher Samuel Vilalvazo kept the big Venezuelan bats in check quite well early. After a pair of singles by Alex Garcia and Ismael Pena tied the score in the top if the 3rd inning, Venezuela scored two big runs in the bottom as result of a Tulio Linares single. In the 6th, a two run homer by John Zambrano and a sac fly by Arturo Acacio made the lead insurmountable for the Mexicans. Venezuela brought in their ace Ramon Jones to close the game with one out in the 6th ensuring the victory.

Game 15: Czech Republic vs Canada 2-10

Canada was looking sharp as they took to the field in gold jerseys in celebration of Softball Canada 50th Anniversary. Hometown boy Devon McCullough got the start in the circle for Canada. It was a big start for the youngest member of the pitching staff and he showed some signs of nervousness. He cruised through the first two batters but got in trouble giving up a couple of hits including a triple by Vacslav Svoboda who later scored the second run on a pass ball.

In the bottom of the inning, Canada got the runs right back thanks to triples by Mathieu Roy and Jeff Ellsworth. They weren’t done yet as Jason Hill parked a two run shot in left center to go up by two. McCullough took the momentum from the bats and recorded 2 K’s and an easy popup, as 5 of his first 6 outs were K’s.

The hits kept coming for the Canucks as Roy hit a double and moved to third on an error and scored on Ryan Wolfe’s single. In the top of the 3rd, McCullough struck out the side for his 8th K in three innings. In the bottom of the 3rd, Hill hit in his third run of the game with a single to score Steve Mullaley.

McCullough registered two more strikeouts before he was pulled in favor of Paul Koert; he left the game with 10 of his 11 outs being K’s. The bombs kept coming from Canada at the plate as Jeff Ellsworth hit a three run shot in bottom of the 4th and Bryan Abrey in his first ever World championship plate appearance hit a solo shot.

Game 16: New Zealand vs Great Britain 9-1

What was a relatively tight game changed quickly in the top of the 5th as a Tomas Enoka double and Nathan Nukunuku’s two run dinger produced three runs. They scored three more in the next inning to put it away thanks to two RBIs by Tomas Enoka and one RBI from Ben Enoka.