Canada Day was a great day to be at a ball game. The stands were packed, the crowd was excited and kids ran around everywhere.

Playoff Scenarios:

Canada will finish in first place in Pool A.

To determine second place, the key game is the New Zealand vs Czech Republic game at 12:30. If Argentina beats Great Britain today, there could be a two or three way tie for second place. If Czech Republic wins, they will get 2nd. If they lose, they create a three way tie with Argentina and New Zealand.

Second place will be determined by the least number runs scored in the games against them. At this point, Argentina has played both teams and has six runs against. In their one game, Czech Republic has two and New Zealand has four.

If New Zealand wins by three or more and gives up one run, they are in… two runs then it goes to runs against in all preliminary games giving New Zealand a big advantage, thus very likely in 2nd place.

Argentina needs a high scoring game between the Czech Republic and New Zealand, plus a Black Sox victory. If the Czech Republic scores at least three and New Zealand four, Argentina will be in the second spot.

Czech Republic needs to win or lose by one in a low scoring game.

Pool B is less confusing. The key game is the first game between Dominican Republic and Venezuela at 10:30. If Dominican Republic wins, they get first and Australia 2nd. If Venezuela wins, they are 2nd and if Australia wins their own game they will get 1st.

As far as championship playoffs spots are concerned in Pool A, Great Britain has to beat New Zealand to claim a spot in the top 4. In Pool B, USA needs a Japanese loss to Netherlands and a victory against Denmark to make it into the top 4.

Today’s 7 Wonders of the Worlds

  1. Ben Enoka went 3 for 4 with 3 RBIs and 3 runs scored. His three hits were from two home runs and a double.
  2. Luis Villeda hit a monster shot over the souvenir tent in right field; its distance was matched by Wayne Laulu’s shot in the top of the 5th, who almost hit the highest point on the light standard in left field.
  3. Huemul Mata – Argentina’s pitcher/DP – went 3 for 3 and hit 2 home runs in their game against the Philippines. He recorded a total of 4 RBIs.
  4. Mark Harris went 1 for 3 in his game against USA but his one hit was a grand slam that punctuated the big win for Australia.
  5. Kota Mera – Japan’s 3B – went 2 for 2 with a walk in Japan’s win against Mexico. He had 4 RBIs with a homer and 2 runs scored.
  6. Daishi Uramoto – Japan’s 1B – went 2 for 3 with a triple and a home run. He hit in 3 runs and scored 2.

Game Summaries

Game 41: New Zealand vs Guatemala 9-1

New Zealand took out some frustration on a team making its first appearance in a world championship. Three players crushed homeruns: Ben Enoka, Wayne Laulu and Thomas Enoka. Black Sox starter Nik Hayes kept the Guatemalans at bay, allowing only two hits while striking out seven in five innings of work. He gave way to Thomas Enoka who gave up a long home run to Louis Villeda in the bottom of the 6th.

Game 43: Venezuela vs Denmark 5-4

After two innings of play, fans were beginning to get their head around the fact that this could the third huge upset of the championship. Venezuela scored its three runs from solo homers by Yeider Chirinos, Jorge Lima and Carlos Ojeda. Denmark scratched out three runs on three hits in bottom of the 2nd to even things up. The game stayed even into the 8th producing the championship’s first extra-inning affair.

In the 8th, Venezuela went ahead thanks to a Luiger Pinto single. In the bottom of the 8th, Venezuela went all out to protect the lead and made eight line-up changes including Ramon Jones coming in for starter Eder Pineda. The scrappy Danes hung in the game as with two outs, Valdemar Terkelson’s base hit tied the score. In the top 9th, the situation seemed to set up perfectly for Denmark as Tulio Linares was caught in a run down from 3B to prevent Venezuela from scoring. In the bottom of the 9th, a pass ball moved the runner for Denmark to 3B with no one out but nobody touched the ball from there as Ramon Jones struck out the side. That took the steam out of Denmark. In the next inning, a Chirinos single scored the eventual game winner and Jones closed the door for the win.

Game 44: Dominican Republic vs Netherlands 8-3

After a bit of a slow start, Dominican Republic kept their first place hopes alive scoring two runs in each of the last three innings for the win. Sergio La Hoz hit a two run homer in the top of the 4th and Juan Nunez, who single scored two in the top of the 5th, produced most of the damage. Netherlands could not get enough going against a trio of Dominican pitchers. Marinus Smulders’s home run was their only offensive highlight.

Game 45: Great Britain vs Canada 3-9

6300 fans packed into Bob Van Impe to catch this intriguing matchup, Canada vs Great Britain on Canada Day. The crowd, mostly dressed in red, let out a huge cheer when local boy Devon McCullough was announced as the starting pitcher. Canada fed of the atmosphere and Britain looked rattled by it. Canada started their day off with a big first inning – two strikeouts by McCullough and six runs from the offense. Thanks in part to three Great Britain errors, every hitter came to the plate and the leadoff man Ryan Wolfe was 1 for 2.

The second inning was a little better for Great Britain. Kenny Pregnel’s triple brought in James Darby who singled and the British hit the scoreboard. The bottom was much like the previous Canadian at bat – four runs scored on five hits. McCullough made the fans happy striking out nine in his four innings of work.

Following the game, Canadians players hung around to sign autographs for about 200 admiring kids.

Game 46: Argentina vs Philippines 7-0

The lopsided scores continued when as expected Argentina dominated the Philippines. Huemul Mata led the Argentinean attack with two home runs and four RBIs. Juan Potolicchio returned to the circle for Argentina giving up only one hit while striking out 11 in the five inning game.

Game 47: United States vs Australia 0-8

United States are in a fight to stay alive and had a tough night against Australia and their ace Adam Folkard. Folkard gave up only one hit while Australia pounded American starter Gerald Muizelaar for six runs on six hits in a little more than an inning of work. Mark Harris‘s grand slam in the bottom of the 2nd did most of the damage. With the loss, USA drops to 5th in their pool putting them in jeopardy of not making the playoffs.

Game 48: Japan vs Mexico 11-4

Japan recovered from a slow start to score 10 runs in the last two innings of this five inning game. Down 3-1 coming into the top of the 6th, they put up six runs thanks to a three run shot by Kota Mera and a two run shot by Hayami Takahashi. In the 5th, Daishi Uramoto’s triple scored three runs to secure the five inning victory. Mexico spread out seven hits but could not get enough offense in spite of 2 for 2 performances by Ismael Pena and Alex Garcia.