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Welcome to WBSC’s Development Section

One of the priorities of the World Baseball Softball Confederation is to develop baseball and softball at all levels. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to focus on speci c areas that are considered essential for the future of our two disciplines. For this reason the Development Commission, together with the Executive Committee of the WBSC, wants to indicate common guidelines for all Continental Organisations and National Federations.The WBSC will work closely with the Development Commission, in order to support, develop, and if needed, offer high quality programmes to the Continental Organisations and the National Federations, particularly to those with the greatest needs. The goal is to primarily increase global assistance to athletes, reinforce Continental Organisations and National Federations structure and management capacities and support coach development.

The guidelines prepared, in order to simplify the requests by the Continental Organisations and/or the National Federations, are divided into four different categories listed below:

To apply for WBSC Development funds, please write a message as indicated in the WBSC Development Manual with a clear description of the project to: