Development of the National Coaching Structure


Programme Guidelines

The main objective of this programme is to allow the National Federations (NF), with the support of their Continental Confederations (CC), to develop their sport and the coaching structure by implementing mid to long-term action plans.

All National Federations may benefit from this programme. Nevertheless, priority will be given to those National Federations, which can demonstrate that the basic sports and coaching structure is weak but has a clear potential for development.

The WBSC may accept one request per year per NF, in principle. The National Federations will be offered the opportunity to receive an expert from abroad for a specific period, averaging between 3 to 6 months. The action plan should include the following:

  • Establishing with the National Federation concerned, coherent and realistic mid to long term development plans;
  • Training of local coaches and/or persons inclined to continue the work initiated by the expert once the project has ended;
  • Improving the different training programmes for elite category;
  • Initiating projects for Baseball and Softball for all and/or school and community activity; and
  • Putting in place talent identification programmes.

Depending on specific needs and the budget available, it will be possible for the external expert to divide his mission into separate short term visits rather than one long term period. For example, setting up the project (visit 1), intermediate evaluation (visit 2), and nal evaluation (visit 3). In this case, it will be necessary to designate a local person who will be responsible for the management of the project during the periods of absence of the expert (eg. national coach, technical director etc.).

External Partners
They may also be proposed by the National Federation, through their Continental Confederation, but in this case, must be approved by the WBSC before being accepted. These experts must have practical experience as a coach at international level and demonstrate the educational and technical qualities necessary to run this type of project.

Application Procedure
In order to allow sufficient time for analysis and nomination of an expert, the official application form must be presented no later than 3 months prior to the start of the proposed project. The following information must be included on the application form:

  • Description of the current structure and detailed analysis of training needs;
  • Proposed action plan;
  • Dates and timing for different phases of the project, where applicable;
  • CV(Resume) if an expert is proposed by the National Federation; and
  • Detailed budget estimation including all items (in particular an estimation of the travel, board and lodging costs and indemnities to be paid to the expert).

Analysis and Approval
The WBSC will analyse the action plan submitted and will ask the respective Continental Confederation to either confirm the suitability of an expert proposed by the National Federation or to suggest a suitably qualified coach to be responsible for the implementation of the project. Once all parties are in agreement (National Federation, Continental Confederation, WBSC, expert) and the appropriate technical and financial guarantees have been obtained, the WBSC will officially approve the action plan and the budget to be allocated.
This approval will be accompanied by an official contract, which should be signed by the NF. The action plan may only commence when all the concerned parties, thus confirming their agreement upon the overall terms and conditions of the project, have signed the contract.

Financial Conditions
The following items should be included in the budget proposed by the National Federation:

  • All expenses relating to the stay of the expert in the country;
  • International travel costs for the nominated expert (economy class); and
  • Illness and accident insurance, if necessary.

Important: The indemnities (daily or monthly) to be paid to the expert must be agreed upon between the National Federation and the expert and included in the overall budget. If necessary, any difference between the calculated budget and the amount allocated by the WBSC may be covered by eventual external assistance (Government, sponsors, Continental Confederation, etc.,).

Follow-up and Control
During the programme, the National Federation and its Continental Confederation must maintain constant contact with the expert as well as with the different entities engaged in the project (national clubs, national coaches etc.).

Intermediate Report
Depending on the duration of the project, the National Federation will periodically report to the WBSC and the Continental Confederation on the implementation of the action plan including any problems, which may arise (injury, accident, administrative, financial or disciplinary difficulties etc.).

Final Report
At the conclusion of the project, the National Federation must present the following documents to the WBSC and the Continental Confederation, as soon as possible:

  • A detailed technical report with an evaluation, comments as well as all other pertinent information (photographs, press clippings etc.);
  • A report from the expert on the implementation of the programme and the results achieved; and
  • A financial report form, completed clearly in detail by the National Federation, including an attached list of all the supporting payments receipts, duly itemised and translated into either English or Spanish, where necessary.

Payment Process

  • Advance payment (60% of budget) made with the approval letter of the preparation project; and
  • Balance payment (40% of budget) made upon receipt and acceptation of the nal reports detailing the activities carried out and justifying the totality of the budget allocated within the context of this preparation project.