Provision of Technical Equipment


Programme Guidelines

Offers assistance to a National Federation through its Continental Confederation or directly to the Continental Confederation, by dispatching technical equipment to be used exclusively for the development of the game within the country or continent.

All National Federations and Continental Confederations may benefit from this programme. Nevertheless, priority will be given to whichever applicant can demonstrate that the basic sports structure is weak but has a clear potential for development.

The WBSC may accept one request per year per National Federation and one per Continental Confederation.
This programme allows the applicant to receive Baseball and/ or Softball technical equipment for the implementation of sports activities within the country or continent. Such activities may be represented by national/continental championships, tournaments, promotional events, youth development programmes, etc.

Application Procedure
In order to allow sufficient time for analysis the official application form must be presented no later than 6 months prior to the start of the proposed activity. The following information must be included on the application form:

  • Description of the activity;
  • Starting and ending dates of the activity;
  • Proposed list of equipment needed, including types and quantity;
  • Number of teams, clubs and/or individuals which will benefit from the equipment;
  • Information about shipping, storage, distribution and allocation of the equipment; and
  • Name and contacts of a liaison in charge of all the communication between the National Federation or Continental Confederation and the WBSC.

Analysis and Approval
The WBSC, with the support of the Continental Confederation in case of a request coming from a National Federation, will analyse the submission and will inform the National Federation or Continental Confederation within 60 days on whether the application has been approved, denied or needs further analysis.
Once, and if, the WBSC approves the allocation of the equipment, the applicant will be informed. The approval shall be followed by a list of equipment that was agreed to be granted and considered appropriate in terms of type and quantity in relation to the activity subject of the application.

Financial Conditions
The WBSC will cover the expenses related to the equipment itself, including the shipping from the WBSC warehouse to the country in which the local storage is based.
The National Federation or the Continental Confederation will cover all the costs related to eventual customs fees, storage and distribution of the equipment.

Follow-up and Control
The applicant must keep constant communication with the WBSC and will inform the same as soon as the delivery took place.
At the conclusion of the activity or programme, the National Federation or Continental Confederation must present the following document to the WBSC, as soon as possible:

  • Detailed technical report duly drafted and signed by the liaison, with an evaluation, equipment distribution list, comments as well as all other pertinent information (photographs, press clippings, etc.).