Sport for All



Programme Guidelines

To provide assistance to National Federation (NFs) and/or Continental Confederations (CCs) to promote baseball and softball throughout all levels of society, particularly as a means to foster social inclusion and health awareness.

All National Federations and Continental Confederations may benefit from this programme. Nevertheless, priority will be given to whichever applicant can demonstrate that the basic sports structure is weak but has a clear potential for development.


The WBSC may accept one request per year per National Federation and one per Continental Confederation.
The scope of the project is to implement sport activities, related to baseball and/or softball, aimed mostly to young people with an educational element. The support given by the WBSC, can be mainly considered for the following activities:

  • Festivals, events and tournaments promoting baseball and/or softball in general or aimed at specific target groups;
  • Awareness campaigns; and
  • Research and surveys.

Application Procedure
In order to allow sufficient time for analysis the official application form must be presented no later than 3 months prior to the start of the proposed activity. The following information must be included on the application form:

  • Description of the activity;
  • Starting and ending dates of the activity;
  • Information regarding the goal that is planned to be achieved;
  • Estimation of the number of people that will be involved and expected outcomes; and
  • Name and contacts of a liaison in charge of all the communication between the National Federation or Continental Confederation and the WBSC;

Analysis and Approval
The WBSC, with the support of the Continental Confederation in case of a request coming from a National Federation, will analyse the submission and will inform the National Federation or Continental Confederation within 60 days on whether the application has been approved, denied or needs further analysis.

Financial Conditions

Please note that the support given by the WBSC, in case the request is accepted, will be very limited and so must be considered as a contribution.
Once the initiative has been accepted, the contribution will be allocated as follows:

  • 70% before the start of the activity; and
  • 30% after the end of the activity.

Follow-up and Control
The applicant must keep constant communication with the WBSC and will keep the same updated.
At the conclusion of the activity or programme, the National Federation or Continental Confederation must present the following document to the WBSC, as soon as possible:

  • Detailed technical report duly drafted and signed by the liaison, with an detailed evaluation of the initiative, comments as well as all other pertinent information (photographs, press clippings etc.).

Payment Process

  • Advance payment (70% of budget) made with the approval letter of the preparation project; and
  • Balance payment (30% of budget) made upon receipt and acceptation of the final reports detailing the activities carried out and justifying the totality of the budget allocated within the context of this project.