Support Grants for Coaches


Programme Guidelines

Offer access to high-level further training, support or specific opportunities to an individual coach through his/her National Federation, for personal sport development, which they will use to benefit their respective sport structure.

A coach must have the following profile before his/her inclusion in this programme can be considered:

  • Coach who participated in a Baseball World Cup or Softball World Championship;
  • Coach with past experience in a national team of his/her own or of a foreign country;
  • Coach that has the license/permit to train at the highest level/league in the country whose National Federation is applying for the project; and
  • Coach who is currently working for a recognised baseball/ softball academy in quality of coach.

This programme offers to a specific coach, through his/her National Federation, a support for his/her participation to a high level development programme (i.e. training camp, baseball/ softball academy, international competition, coaching session, etc.), with the condition that the organisation in charge of the same programme has been previously approved by the WBSC.

  • The grants allocated to the context of this programme can be used to nance the following activities:
  • Transportation from the residence country to the location of the activity;
  • Fees to be paid to the organisation in charge of the programme;
  • Food and accommodation for the length of the programme/train session;
  • Technical equipment; and
  • Illness and accident insurance, if necessary.

Application Procedure
Each National Federation can make a proposal, on behalf of a specific coach pertaining to the same federation, for a grant to the WBSC. This grant should be used as a limited financial support for his/her participation to a high level training session, such as a baseball/softball camp, baseball/softball academy, international recognised competition, coaching session etc.
In order to allow sufficient time for analysis, the official application form must be presented no later than 3 months prior to the start of the proposed project. The following information must be included on the application form:

  • Description of the activity;
  • CV(Resume) of the coach;
  • Description of the organisation running the programme;
  • Dates and timing;
  • Name and contacts of a liaison in charge of all the communication between the organisation and the National Federation/WBSC; and
  • Detailed cost breakdown document including all items (in particular an estimation of the travel, board and lodging costs, fees etc.).

Analysis and Approval
The WBSC, with the support of the Continental Confederation, will analyse the action plan submitted and will inform the National Federation within 30 days from the submission on whether the application has been approved, denied or needs further analysis. In case the WBSC officially approves the action plan, by doing so in fact, the organisation running the project shall be considered approved as well and also the budget to be allocated. This approval will be accompanied by an official contract, which should be signed by the NF and the coach. The action plan may only commence when all the concerned parties, thus conforming their agreement upon the overall terms and conditions of the project, have signed the contract.

Financial Conditions
The application must be complemented by a cost breakdown document, which must include all the items, and the respective requested amounts, such as:

  • International or national travel costs;
  • Fees;
  • Board and lodging costs;
  • Equipment costs;and
  • Illness and accident insurance, if necessary.

Follow-up and Control
During the programme, the National Federation must maintain constant contact with the liaison of the organisation.

Intermediate Report
Depending on the duration of the project, the National Federation will periodically report to the WBSC and the Continental Confederation on the implementation of the programme including any problems, which may arise (injury, accident, administrative, nancial or any other dif culty etc.).

Final Report
At the conclusion of the project, the National Federation must present the following documents to the WBSC and the Continental Confederation, as soon as possible:

  • Certificate of Participation;
  • A detailed technical report with an evaluation, comments as well as all other pertinent information (photographs, press clippings etc.); and
  • A final report form, completed clearly and in detail by the coach and accepted by its National Federation, including an attached list of all the supporting payment receipts, duly itemized and translated into either English or Spanish, where necessary.

Payment Process

  • Advance payment(60% of budget)made with the approval letter of the preparation project; and
  • Balance payment(40% of budget) made upon receipt and acceptation of the nal reports detailing the activities carried out and justifying the totality of the budget allocated to the coach within the context of this preparation project.