Training Courses for Sports Administrator and Sports Management


Programme Guidelines

Provide training courses to a National Federation or a Continental Confederation in order to strengthen their management and/ or administration structures, with the purpose to enhance the overall level of efficiency and organisation.

All Continental Confederations and National Federations may benefit from this programme. Nevertheless, priority will be given to whichever applicant can demonstrate that the basic structure of the organisation is weak but has a clear potential for development.

Each National Federation, with the support of its Continental Confederation, can apply for a maximum of 1 technical course per year; while a Continental Confederation can apply for a maximum of 3 technical courses per year.
This programme offers to a National Federation or a Continental Confederation, training courses in accordance with their actual structure, in order to enhance the quality in terms of organisation, management and/or administration.
The training courses may cover each one of the main areas of interest in the life of a Sport Federation, such as:

  • Management & Administration;
  • Accounting;
  • Media & Marketing;
  • IT;
  • Business Communication;
  • Public Relations; and
  • Others.

Application Procedure
In order to allow sufficient time for analysis, the official application form must be presented no later than 6 months prior to the start of the proposed project. The following information must be included on the application form:

  • Description of the current structure of the organisation, including names, positions and a duty distribution list;
  • Budgets of the previous and current years;
  • Description of the purpose(s) intended to be reached; and
  • Name and contact of a liaison in charge of all the communication between the organisation and the WBSC;

In case the National Federation or the Continental Confederation intends to suggest a specific person or company to manage the course, the following information is also needed:

  • CV(Resume) and/or any other important information related to the above; and
  • Detailed budget estimation including all items (i.e.travels, accommodation, fees, per diem, software, etc…)

Analysis and Approval
The WBSC (with the support of the Continental Confederation, in case the request has been presented by a National Federation) will analyse the application and will inform the National Federation or the Continental Confederation within 60 days from the submission, on whether the above has been approved, denied or needs further analysis.
In case of an external person(s) or company nominated by the National Federation or Continental Confederation, the WBSC will evaluate the suitability and either agree with the nomination or opt for an alternative. Once all parties are in agreement (National Federation, Continental Confederation, WBSC, external body(ies) the WBSC will of cially approve the training course(s). This approval will be accompanied by an official agreement, which should be signed by the NF and/ or the Continental Confederation, the WBSC and the external body(ies). The training course may only take place when all the concerned parties, thus confirming their agreement, have signed the contract.

Financial Conditions
The application must be complemented by a cost breakdown document, which must include all the items, and the respective requested amounts, relating to the following costs:

  • Fruition of services provided by external entities;
  • Purchase of software and/or hardware material and equipment;
  • Rental of office spaces necessary for the courses; and
  • Any other cost or expenses related to the request.

Important: The indemnities to be paid to the nominated external body(ies) must be agreed upon between the National Federation or the Continental Confederation and the external body(ies). The overall budget must also be included. If necessary, any difference between the calculated budget and the amount allocated by the WBSC may be covered by eventual external assistance (Government, sponsors, Continental Confederation, etc.).

Follow-up and Control
At the conclusion of the training programme, the National Federation or the Continental Confederation must present the following documents to the WBSC, as soon as possible:

  • List of the Certificate(s) of Participation distributed;
  • A detailed technical report with an evaluation, comments as well as all other pertinent information (photographs, press clippings etc.); and
  • A financial report form, completed clearly, in detail by the National Federation or the Continental Confederation, including an attached list of all the supporting payment receipts, duly itemised, and translated into either English or Spanish, where necessary.

Payment Process

  • Advance payment (60% of budget) made with the approval letter of the project; and
  • Balance payment (40% of budget) made upon receipt and acceptation of the final reports detailing the activities carried out and justifying the totality of the budget allocated within the context of this project.