The Crescent Club won the January Baseball Cup played in the Gaza Strip territory through 26 January. Crescent beat the Alahi Football Club in the final.

A total eight teams participated in the tournament. Besides the two finalists: Shati Club, Al Karama Clun, Arab Victory Club, Al Bureih Service Club, Al Aqsa Club and Al Anan Sport Club.

Ahmed Tafesh served as the Competitions Committee Official. Mohamed Gharabawi was the Commissioner of the Board of Governors, while Ibrahim Abu Mutair chaired the Players’ Committee.

Mr Tafesh is the brother of Mahmoud Tafesh, a 35 old former professional soccer player who introduced baseball and softball in the Gaza Strip in the Spring of 2018. WBSC contributed to the project with mini baseball and softball starter’s kits and equipment for 2 baseball and 2 softball teams

Mahmud Tafesh went on and created a U-15 Boy’s Baseball League and an open tournament for Ladies in September.

In October Mahmoud and Ahmed Tafesh introduced also Baseball5 to the Gaza Strip.

Currently 100 young men and 80 women are involved in the project.

Action in the January Baseball Cup, Gaza Strip

Another important step would be the recognition of the local Federation as a WBSC Member.