ANTWERP, Belgium — Softball Europe – the WBSC-recognised regional confederation – has announced record entries for all its 2018 national team softball championships and club team cups.


15th U-19 Women’s European Championship in Staranzo, Italy (June 16 – 21) will feature 20 nationals teams, a new record from a previous high of 15 national teams at the 2008, 2012, and 2014 U-19 championships.

Ireland, Bulgaria and Malta are expected for the very first time. Ireland has expanded their fast pitch program after participating at the WBSC Jr Women’s Softball World Championship last year. Malta is able to participate following a series of EU-funded projects and results of their development programs.

6th U-22 Women’s European Championship in Trnava, Slovakia (July 23 – 28) will feature a 17 national teams. This is a sharp increase from a previous record of 8 teams.

Slovakia will host their first European Softball Championship and is looking forward to showing the home fans their talent as this is their strongest division.

14th Men’s (Fastpitch) European Championship in Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic (June 25 – 30) will feature 12 national teams. This marks an increase from the last edition in 2016, when 10 national teams competed.

Lithuania will play in their first official international championship, following their participation at Baltic Open in 2016. Slovakia will also participate follow a 8-year hiatus.

1st Men’s Slowpitch European Championship in Choceň, Czech Republic (June 12 – 16) is a new event. Nine national teams have signed up for this championship. Previously, only co-ed slow pitch was competed in Europe at the national team level.


Women’s European Premiere Cup in Forli, Italy (August 20 – 25) will be the 18th Premiere Cup hosted in Italy. They will welcome 10 teams in total with Olympia Haarlem and Žraloci Ledenice as newcomers.

Women’s European Cup Winners Cup in Capelle aan de IJssel, Netherlands (August 20 – 25) will feature 17 clubs teams battling each other. Debutant Euro Stars will host their very first cup this year. The Titans from Botswana will participate for the second time.

Women’s European Cup in La Loggia, Italy (August 20 – 25) will welcome 9 clubs teams from Europe, plus one team from both Botswana and New Zealand. There will be a lot of new competition since 9 out of 11 teams are total newcomers to this cup.

Men’s European Super Cup in Prague, Czech Republic (September 3 – 8) will welcome 21 club teams. Since the start of the Super Cup in 2012, Great Britain and Israel have entered for the first time. The Cup will have an international feel as the New Zealand and Argentina U-19 national teams will also participate.

Coed Slowpitch European Super Cup in Riccione, Italy (July 31 – August 4) will see 19 clubs teams. Italy will enter the cup for the very first time.

The Czech Republic will host the 2019 WBSC Men’s Softball World Championship – the first time that Europe has hosted this event. Europe previously hosted the WBSC Junior Women’s Softball World Championship in 2011 in the Netherlands.