The International Authority of Baseball & Softball.

In support of women in sport and gender equality WBSC, together with the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IGW), is launching a special initiative at the WBSC Congress in Gaborone, Botswana.

WBSC is encouraging all delegates, National Federations and Members to support this important cause by signing a declaration to incorporate the promotion of gender equality and best practice in women in sport within their Baseball and or Softball National Governing body.
As the world governing body of one of the most gender-balanced sports movements, WBSC takes this cause very seriously. The goal is to make baseball and softball even more inclusive and accessible to girls and women. This includes roles of leadership.

The story of the International Working Group on Women dates back to 1994 and the first World Conference on Women and Sport in Brighton, United Kingdom. This independet coordinating body is located in Gaborone for the quadriennal term 2014-2018. Gaborone will host he seventh edition of the World Conference on Women and Sport in May 2018.

Signatures will be collected at a booth located next to the accreditation desk.