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Technical Manual and Venue Guide – Softball


The purpose of the WBSC – Softball Division Technical and Venue Manual is to furnish a broad base of information for the planning and design of a softball venue or fields. We briefly describe the process and considerations necessary to determine the feasibility and sizing of a softball venue or facility. Also included are the WBSC – Softball Division Technical and Procedural code, field dimensions requirements, some typical field lighting and irrigation layouts.

This manual is simply a guide to orient you to understanding the complexities of field construction. There are a variety of considerations, including but not limited to, safety, maintenance, specific design, weather conditions and legacy.
The technical and facility requirements for hosting World Championships, Regional / Multi-sport Games, Olympic Qualifiers and the Olympics are set out in the WBSC – Softball Division Technical and Procedural Code but only on limited bases. This manual is not all inclusive, however it does cover the basics as well as provide more details in some areas to assist Federations/Organizing Committees on fulfilling what is required to host and conduct a WBSC – Softball Division Competition.