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Hall of Fame

As of the most recent elections, there are now 211 members in the International Softball Hall of Fame, representing 34 countries. Voting is done at the Softball Division Congress, which is held every other year on the odd year. Planning is underway on the facility at the WBSC Softball Division’s headquarters in Plant City, Florida, USA that will house the Hall of Fame for people from around the world to visit.

  • estherdeason1
    Esther M. DEASON,
    Australia, Admin./Organizer
    Considered the founder of softball in Australia. In 1949, under her guidance, the Australian Women’s Softball Council was formed. She was the first President. In 1953 Australia affiliated with the ISF. Esther then became the Australian Delegate to this body. From 1965-70 and again from 1977-79, she was a Vice President (South Pacific).
  • kethan2
    W.W. (Bill) KETHAN,
    United States, Admin./Organizer
    Was President of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) from 1964-65 during 39 years as Commissioner of the Texas ASA. Was the ISF’s first President, serving from 1965-86. He was inducted into the ASA Hall of Fame in 1976.
    Clovis M. LODEWIJKS, Netherlands Antilles, Admin./Organizer
  • Lodewijks
    Clovis M. LODEWIJKS, Netherlands Antilles, Admin./Organizer
    Co-founder, and eventually President, of the Curacao Sports Federation. Was elected Secretary General of the Netherlands Antilles Olympic Committee in 1973, a role he served in until 1980. Was Treasurer (1968-69) and then President (1969-79) of the Central American & Caribbean Softball Confederation (CONCACAS). In 1968 he was elected as the Netherlands Antilles Softball Federation’s President, a role he’d hold for over 30 years. Elected ISF Vice President for Latin America in 1973 (held the role until 1987). After his ISF Hall of Fame election, he went on to be elected ISF 1st Vice President (1987) and was appointed ISF Chief of Staff for the 1996 Summer Olympics. (For the next Games, in 2000, he was appointed ISF Technical Delegate.) He would also Chair both the ISF Playing Rules and ISF Umpires Commissions, as well as serve on three other ISF Commissions.
  • houtkamp
    Arnoldus Simon (Nol) HOUTKAMP
    , Netherlands, Coach
    The first person to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the Coach category. Became manager/coach of the Dutch national fast pitch women’s team in 1969, going on to coach in three World Championships. He also coached at an International Tournament in Italy (1972). Co-wrote a book about softball in Dutch.
  • homing-chang
    , Chinese Taipei, Admin./Organizer
    Became ISF Vice President/Asia in 1977. He was also President of both the Organizing Committee for the V Women’s World Championship and the Chinese Taipei Softball Association. He was Chairman of the Organizing committee for the 1979 ISF Congress, and was instrumental in organizing and developing softball on an international basis for over 20 years.
  • midge-nelson
    Marjorie (Midge) NELSON
    , Australia, Player
    The first person to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the Player category. Played in 23 consecutive Australian Championships (1956-1978), serving as Captain for the last six of them. In 1978, became the first person in softball to receive a Queens Honour, bestowed for outstanding services to softball. She also coached the Victorian State Team.
  • porter
    Don E. PORTER
    , United States, Admin./Organizer
    Named Executive Director of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) in 1963. Became Secretary General of the International Softball Federation in 1965, and later became the ISF’s second President. Served four consecutive terms on the Executive Council of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF). Served as Secretary-General of World Games I and one of the founders of the World Games. Credited with softball becoming an Olympic sport.
  • isidrorodriguez
    Isidro S. RODRIGUEZ
    , Philippines, Admin./Organizer
    Organized the ASEAN Softball Federation in 1975 and the first Women (and second Men’s) Softball Championships in Manila in 1977. He was ISF 1st Vice President, and in the early 80’s, it was said that, “Sports lovers in the Philippines consider him the Father of softball in the country.”
  • georgevincent
    George F. VINCENT
    , New Zealand, Admin./Organizer
    Vice President of the ISF for many years while it was in recess up to 1965. NZSA Secretary/Treasurer for over 30 years, beginning in 1955. The New Zealand delegate to the ISF Congresses upon revival of the ISF in 1965. Awarded the O.B.E. in the Queen’s Honours List, 1982.
  • placeholder-man
    Alfred J. WHELAN
    , New Zealand, Admin./Organizer
    Member of New Zealand Softball Association Council from 1954-84. The New Zealand delegate at the ISF Congress in 1977 and 1979, the latter at which he was elected Vice President/South Pacific. He would go on to attend the ’81 and ’83 Congresses, and attended the 1984 Men’s World Championship as ISF Executive Officer.
    Freddy Emilio Vallejo CANCU
    , Dominican Republic, Admin./Coach
    started in 1952 as pioneer of the first softball committee to develop the sport in the capital city of his country. Member founder, player, and organizer of Central Softball League of Dominican Republic. Was President of National District Softball Association from 1972-76, then President of the Dominican Softball Federation until 1983.
  • myrtle-edwards
    Myrtle EDWARDS
    , Australia, Coach
    After playing in the 1950’s, she turned to coaching and had a career that spanned two decades. Coached Australian Team on 12 occasions including four World Series teams. Her most memorable success was the 1965 World Series win. Coached Victorian teams on 18 occasions and won 12 Australian titles in that period.
  • guillaumehanson
    Guillaume Amiens Samuel HANSON
    , Netherlands Antilles, Coach
    Became active in softball in 1950 as Coach/Trainer of several – men’s and women’s – teams. Was General Manager of the Women’s National Team of the Netherlands Antilles from 1969-1984. In 1971 and 1977 his team won the gold medal at the Central American & Caribbean Softball Tournament for Women. In 1982 he was awarded the gold medal by Her Majesty The Queen of the Dutch Kingdom.
  • leonknowles
    Leon KNOWLES
    , Bahamas, Coach/Player
    As a player (catcher), named to the All-Star Team in 1964-65. In 1972 he managed the Bahamas’ first Men’s National Team to 2nd place in the Central American and Caribbean Confederation Tournament. Was also a long-standing member of the Executive Body of the Bahamas Softball Federation. Also served as advisor for their Junior Program for Boys. He was the first person from the Bahamas to be elected to the ISF Hall of Fame.
  • placeholder-woman
    Marilyn MARSHALL
    , New Zealand, Player/Coach
    Started playing softball at age seven. Was selected for New Zealand’s Women’s Team at age 15. Played in the 1st Women’s World Series in 1965. Was captain three times, and retired from international and provincial play at the end of the 1981-82 season. She was an Assistant Coach in 1985 and 1986.
  • merle-short
    Merle SHORT
    , Australia, Admin./Organizer
    Wore many hats, serving as Manager of the Australian Team seven times, Victorian Team Manager 12 times, National Secretary-General for 25 years, and co-organizer of the first World Series in 1965. Inducted into the Australian Softball Federation Hall of Fame in 1985. A life member of Softball Australia.
  • placeholder-man
    Robert (Bob) VAN IMPE
    , Canada, Admin./Organizer
    Served as Commissioner of Softball Canada from 1966 to 1968. Elected President of Softball Canada in 1968, serving until 1986. Served as ISF 1st Vice President from 1974-1987. Elected ISF Vice President/North America in 1987. Has a stadium in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan named after him.
  • theovleeshhouwer
    , Netherlands, Admin./Organizer
    Named ISF Vice President/Europe in 1981 and President of the European Softball Federation in 1985. He’d served as Secretary-General of the ESF from 1977-85, having also been appointed Treasurer in 1977. In 1972 he was named Honorary Secretary General for the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association.
  • placeholder-man
    Ismael Delgado DAVILA
    , Puerto Rico, Admin./Organizer
    Co-Founder of the Central American-Caribbean Confederation. Organized the first Central American-Caribbean Championship, and was the person most instrumental in gaining softball’s acceptance in the Pan American Games in 1979. Served as President of the Puerto Rican Softball Association for two terms.
    Roberto FLORENCIA C.
    , Mexico, Player
    30 years as an active player (pitcher). Retired as a player following the 1984 World Championship, his fifth such appearance, winning a silver and a bronze medal along the way. He registered 105 strikeouts and a 1.48 ERA in 127 2/3 innings pitched in those competitions. Also played in four Central American-Caribbean Championships.
    Chia-Nai LIN
    , Chinese Taipei, Coach
    Head Coach of Chinese Taipei’s Women’s team from 1967-1989. Was Vice Chairman, Chinese Taipei Softball Committee, from 1973-80, and then Chairman from 1980-87. From 1985 to 1987 he served as Vice President and Competitional Leader of the Chinese Taipei Amateur Softball Association.
  • margaret-swann
    Margaret SWANN
    , Australia, Player
    An outstanding outfielder and a strong batter, she represented Victoria at the Australian Championship from 1959-1975 and was Vice-Captain of the Victorian Team. Played on the Australian team that won the first Women’s World Championship in 1965. She’d make two more World Championship appearances. Is a member of the Softball Australia Hall of Fame.
    Jorge TANCO
    , Puerto Rico, Player
    Member of the national team from 1965-1979. Two of his most memorable outings were a 3-0 win over Canada in the 1966 World Championship and a 3-2 victory two years later, also over the Canadians, in the II World Championship. He had three of Puerto Rico’s seven victories in the XII Central American & Caribbean Games in 1974.
    Rhonda BOYD
    , Australia, Player
    A shortstop/outfielder who began her career in 1964, and played in the second ISF World Championship six years later. She went on to play in two other championships, twice winning a bronze medal. She made international appearances in nine other events from 1972-80.
  • kevin-herlihy
    Kevin F. HERLIHY
    , New Zealand, Player
    Played – a total of over 30 games – in the first six Men’s World Championships, earning four medals. He had 99 strikeouts in the 1972 event, and was credited with a perfect game in 1984’s. His intercontinental participation in 10 individual tours spanned 18 years.
  • terry-nunns-bio
    Terry J. NUNNS
    , New Zealand, Player
    Played – a total of over 30 games – in the first five Men’s World Championships, earning three medals. His 15-year international career included intercontinental participation in six individual tours.
  • paul-rogers-bio
    Paul ROGERS
    , New Zealand, Player
    Played in the first five ISF Men’s World Championships, a total of 38 games, winning three medals. Also participated in six intercontinental tours from 1968-78.
  • christine-roughley-bio
    Christine ROUGHLEY
    , Australia, Player
    First represented Australia at the 1973 Trans Tasman Cup. Participated in three ISF World Championships, winning a bronze medal twice (1974 and 1982). Had other international competition from 1973-83, in which she played more than 40 games.
  • sanchez
    Meliton SANCHEZ
    , Panama, Admin./Organizer
    President of the Panama Softball Federation from 1973-85, during which time he also served as Vice President of the Central American& Caribbean Softball Confederation (1979-81). Named President of the Panama Olympic Committee in 1982 (a position that he still holds). The ISF Vice President/Latin America from 1983-2001. At the ISF Congress in 2001 he was elected as an At-Large Council Member of ISF Executive Committee. Was elected as an IOC member in 1998. He was the first person from Panama to be elected to the ISF Hall of Fame.
  • rocco-santilli-bio
    Rocco SANTILLI
    , United States, Coach
    Compiled almost 1,700 wins in 32 years of managing fast pitch teams. He managed the U.S. team to a share of the 1976 ISF Men’s World Championship. In 1979 and 1983, he was the assistant coach of the USA Men’s Pan American team, and was head coach of the 1987 team that won a silver medal. Also was assistant coach for the ’91 Pan American Men’s team. Born September 12, 1926, he is also a member of the ASA and Pennsylvania (ASA) Halls of Fame.
  • churchill-knowles-tener-bio
    Churchill Knowles TENER
    , Bahamas, Admin./Organizer
    Founded the Bahamas Softball Federation in 1971, serving as its first Vice President. Was Vice President of the Caribbean Softball Federation from 1977-83, during which time he was recognized by the Sports Writers of the Bahamas as Executive Of The Year (1978). Also served as Vice President of the Central American & Caribbean Softball Confederation from 1981-83.
  • john-t-voyle-bio
    John T. VOYLE
    , New Zealand, Admin./Organizer
    Attended seven ISF Congresses, four as ISF Vice President/South Pacific. He was awarded the Queen’s Honours – MBE – for service to sport (softball) in 1977. Was an executive member of the New Zealand Softball Association for 25 years. Served as Business Manager for the New Zealand Men’s Team at the first two ISF World Championships.
  • marie-ward-bio
    Marie WARD
    , New Zealand, Player
    Played in the first three ISF Women’s World Championships, a total of 22 games. Her international career spanned 15 years, from her first intercontinental game when Australia toured New Zealand in 1962 to the tour of Doc’s Blues of Canada in 1976.
    Janine ALLSOPP
    , Australia, Player
    Inducted in 1993. Janine, of Australia, started playing softball internationally in 1972 and continued through 1982. In April 1987, she retired from the sport as a player. As an outfielder, Janine played in two ISF World Championships, in El Salvador (1978) and Taipei (1982).
    Ed BITZ
    , Canada, Umpire
    Inducted 1994. Ed distinguished himself as an umpire during a 29-year career which began in 1963. During this time, he was the first Softball Canada umpire-in-chief (1972-1984), served as umpire-in-chief for 33 national championships, initiated and developed the first softball officials’ program in Canada, conducted numerous clinics across Canada, and was responsible for national rule interpretations.
  • merle-butler-bio
    Merle BUTLER
    , United States, Admin./Umpire
    Became a registered umpire in 1961. From 1981-1991, assigned as Umpire-In-Chief (UIC) for events ranging from ISF Men’s and Women’s World Championships, to Pan-Am Games, to Junior Boys and Junior Girls World Championships. Would go on to serve as UIC at 1996 and 2000 Olympics. Was appointed ISF Rules Interpreter in 1981. Has numerous umpire clinics to his credit both in the U.S. and internationally. The first full-time ASA National Director of Umpires, he was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 1991.
  • dennis-cheyne-bio
    Dennis CHEYNE
    , New Zealand, Player
    Appeared (outfielder) in more than 40 games over the course of the first four World Championships. Represented New Zealand in seven individual intercontinental tours.
    Alejandro “Jr.” CRUZ
    , Puerto Rico, Administrator
    As Manager of the Puerto Rico Women’s National Team, his teams placed first or second in 13 out of 16 international events from 1974-1990. Those competitions included Central American & Caribbean Championships, Pan-Am Games, ISF World Championship, and International Cup.
  • placeholder-man
    Edward DOLEJS
    , New Zealand, Meritorious Service
    Began his international involvement in 1976 as a trainer at the IV Men’s World Championship. Went on to coach the New Zealand Women’s Team in four straight ISF World Championships, winning one gold, one silver, and two bronze medals. New Zealand Softball Association Executive Member for 21 years, 15 as Coaching Director.
  • eugene-mcwillie-bio
    Eugene McWILLIE
    , Canada, Player
    Began his participation internationally in 1980, winning a silver medal at the Men’s World Championship. Would also win silver four years later, and a bronze in 1988. He pitched a perfect game at that event in 1984, and again in 1988. One of the first inductees to the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame (November, 1987).
  • placeholder-man
    Peter PRIDDEY
    , New Zealand, Player
    Played more than 30 games in the first four Men’s World Championships. A versatile athlete, he played three different positions as well as serving as designated hitter. Also played in a number of Tours, from 1968-1978.
  • ralph-raymond-bio
    Ralph RAYMOND
    , United States, Coach
    Coached high school softball for four years, men’s major fast pitch for 10 years, and women’s major fast pitch for 33 years. Included is three Pan American Games and a 72-1 record over five times coaching at the ISF Women’s World Championship (all resulting in gold medals). Coached the gold-medal winning U.S. team at the 1996 and 2000 Olympics. Inducted into the ASA Hall of Fame in 1993.
  • anny-reinenbergh-bio
    , Belgium, Administrator
    In 1974 she became a member of the Board of the Belgian Baseball and Softball Federation, and was the first responsible for softball in the Belgian Federation. She played three seasons and was one of the players in the first softball game in Belgium. Served as a member of the ISF Playing Rules and Hall of Fame Committees. Was elected to the European Softball Hall of Fame in 1992 and elected as President/Treasurer of the European Softball Federation a year later.
  • diane-schumacher-bio
    , United States, Player
    Compiled a lifetime batting average of .329 during her career (1976-1986 with the Raybestos Brakettes of Stratford, CT). Also pitched during her career, compiling a 55-16 record. Coached the Holland National Team for four years, including in the 1990 ISF Women’s World Championship. She was a member of eight ASA National Championship teams and was inducted into the ASA and Connecticut Halls of Fame in 1992.
  • hiroshi-shisikura-bio
    Hiroshi SHISIKURA
    , Japan, Umpire
    Began his international service as an umpire in 1962. From 1967-1991, he umpired numerous international events, including the first four Asian Women’s Championships, the first and third Asian Men’s Championships, and the 11th Asian Games.
  • david-sorenson-bio
    David SORENSON
    , New Zealand, Player
    Began his international participation in 1966, and would play (first base) in the first four Men’s World Championships. He also played in a number of Tours from 1968-1975, ceasing international play in 1976. After 15 years, he retired from playing in 1981.
  • vivienne-triplett-bio
    Vivienne TRIPLETT
    , Australia, Umpire
    Awarded All Australian Umpire Badge at Australian Women’s Championship in 1968. Went on to umpire at the Australian Women’s Championship from 1969-84. In between, she umpired at a number of international events from 1973-82, including the ISF’s third, fourth, and fifth Women’s World Championships.
  • sybill-turner-bio
    Sybill TURNER
    , Australia, Player
    Represented the Sydney Softball Association from 1970-1983. Played in the 1974 and 1982 ISF World Championships (22 games). Her career also included roles as a player/coach. Inducted into the Australian Softball Federation Hall of Fame in 1987, the former first baseman had an award named after her in 1988 to be presented each year to the top batter in the women’s national championships.
  • francisco-chirino-bio
    Francisco CHIRINO
    , Aruba, Admin./Organizer
    The President of the Aruba Softball Federation for 15 years. He became Vice President for the Caribbean Area in CONPASA in 1993 at Monterrey, Mexico. His career working in softball spanned 40-plus years. The first person from Aruba to be elected to the ISF Hall of Fame.
    Gerry HOWARD
    , Canada, Umpire
    An active official for more than 30 years. The first Canadian umpire to officiate at an ISF World Championship (1968). Appointed Assistant Rules Interpreter for the ISF in 1993. Umpire-In-Chief for Canada for eight years.
  • bert-landero-bio
    Eriberto “Bert” LANDERO
    , Philippines, Admin./Organizer
    Played a major role in organizing the 1972 and 1992 ISF Men’s World Championships. A five-time delegate to the ISF Congress and member of four ISF Commissions. He was responsible for softball being included in the Southeast Asia Games. Developed and promoted softball in the Southeast Asia region for more than 25 years.
    Rosemary ADEY
    , Australia, Administrator
    Inducted in 1997 for her administrative and leadership abilities which have made Australia one of the world leaders in softball. She served as President of the Australian Softball Association from 1983 to 2000. In 1987, Rosemary received the Order of Australia for her outstanding service to softball in Australia. Rosemary was the ISF Oceania Vice President from 1993 to 2001.
    Fernando AREN
    , Argentina, Admin./Organizer
    Inducted 1997, has been the ISF Latin America Vice President since 1993. He represented Argentina at the ISF Congress 11 times. Named chairman of the ISF Drug Abuse Control Commission in 1995. Founding member of Argentina Softball Association in 1960. Is President of Argentina Softball Federation. Organized first CONPASA Congress in 1981.
  • lester-baldwin
    Lester BALDWIN
    , New Zealand, Coach/Manager
    Assistant Coach at the IV Men’s World Championship, and Business Manager at the V, VI, and VII. Also the 1975 New Zealand tour of USA and Canada Business Manager. Was Manager of the New Zealand Team in eight intercontinental series in New Zealand involving 12 teams from Asia and North America.
  • enrico-bertirotti-bio
    , Italy, Meritorious Service
    Served on the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Organizing Committee for softball. ISF Vice President for Europe, 1996-97. Made significant contributions over 19 years with the European Softball Federation. He was the first person from Italy to be elected to the ISF Hall of Fame.
  • placeholder-man
    Rutilio CEDENO B.
    , Panama, Coach/Manager
    Retired as a player in 1980. Managed the Panama National Team from 1981-1996, leading the team to a pair of gold medals in the Central American & Caribbean Championships. His teams also won gold at the 1994 Central American Sport Games and the 1989 Bolivarian Sport Games. Received the Olympic Order of the Panama Olympic Committee in 1996.
    Neki C. GRANT, Bahamas, Admin./Organizer
    Vice President/Director for the Grand Bahama Amateur Softball Association for 14 years. A Manager/Player in the GBASA’s Slow Pitch Division for 14 years. Was Vice President of the Bahamas Softball Federation for 13 years before serving as President for the next six.
    Steven S.W. HUANG
    , Chinese Taipei, Admin./Organizer
    Five terms as ISF Vice President for Asia (1987-1997), two terms as President of the Chinese Taipei ASA (1986-1994), and two terms as ASA-Asia President (1989-1994). Was Executive Director for the 1982 Women’s World Championship. Honorary President of ASA-Asia, 1994-98.
  • yen-liang-huang
    Yen-Liang HUANG
    , Chinese Taipei, Administrator
    Secretary General of Chinese Taipei ASA from 1985-1995. Secretary General of ASA-Asia from 1990-94. Organized multiple Asian Congresses. Hosted the first Asian Coaching & Umpiring Clinic (China, 1994).
  • raymond-granville-lashley-b
    Raymond Granville LASHLEY
    , Belize, Coach/Manager
    Managed Belize’s National Women’s Team for almost 20 years. His teams won two gold, three silver, and two bronze medals. Also managed the team in numerous invitational tournaments. Her Majesty Elizabeth II R granted the Title of M.B.E. to him in 1988 for his outstanding and distinguished performance.
  • linda-lewis
    Linda G. LEWIS
    , Belize, Player
    Played from 1969-1978, compiling a pitching record of 90 wins and 35 losses. Was the Caribbean Amateur Softball Tournament MVP in 1973. Posted a 10-1 record in helping her team finish first in the 1974 Central American & Caribbean Games.
    Andrew S. LOECHNER
    , United States, Administrator
    Named Pennsylvania ASA Commissioner in 1973. ASA President, 1986-87. Elected ISF Secretary General in 1987. Served as Head of the Technical Committee for more than a dozen ISF (women’s, men’s, junior women’s, and junior men’s) World Championships and the 1996 Olympics. Elected to the Pennsylvania ASA and ASA National Halls of Fame.
  • juan-pachot-bio
    Juan PACHOT
    , Puerto Rico, Player
    An outfielder with a lifetime batting average of .365 over a 25-year career. Played in the World Championship and in the Pan-Am Games. Won three batting titles and two MVP awards at the Central American & Caribbean Championships.
  • sixto-romero-bio
    Sixto ROMERO
    , Panama, Player
    An outfielder from 1967-1983 who retired with a .400 lifetime batting average. He played in the Pan-Am Games (1979) and the World Championship (1980). Hit .350 in the Central American & Caribbean Games from 1967-1981, winning a gold medal in 1972.
  • carlos-velazquez-bio
    Carlos VELAZQUEZ
    , Puerto Rico, Player
    Enjoyed a 30-year playing career as a pitcher, with a lifetime won-lost record of 386-85. Appeared in two World Championships, posting a 5-2 record in nine games played. Was 5-1 at the 1979 Pan-Am Games. Two-time MVP at the Central American & Caribbean Championships.
  • owenwalford
    Owen WALFORD
    , New Zealand, Player
    Played nationally for 10 years and in four International Softball Federation World Championships, picking up four medals.
    Fu-Hsiung (Tommy) WANG
    , Chinese Taipei, Umpire
    Umpired in eight (Women’s and Men’s) World Championships from 1974-1994. Assistant Umpire-In-Chief for the 1982 Women’s and 1992 Men’s World Championship. Umpire-In-Chief of ASA – Asia from 1980-1992.
  • raymondweaver
    Raymond WEAVER
    , New Zealand, Administrator
    Umpire to the ISF Men’s World Championship in 1972. Umpire-In-Chief at next MWC four years later. Elected President of New Zealand Softball Association in 1983. Elected ISF Vice President to the South Pacific Region in 1989, a position he held until 1993, along with being a member of the ISF Executive Council. Became Chairman of the ISF Umpires Commission in 1994.
  • joseph-barber-bio
    Joseph BARBER, United States, Administration
    Devoted more than three decades to promoting and developing the sport of softball. In 1974 he hosted and ran the first ISF Women’s World Championship played in the U.S. (Stratford, CT). Was the 19th President of the ASA (1974-75). Was ISF Vice President/North America from 1975-1985. Inducted into the ASA Hall of Fame in 1978.
  • patricia-bennett-bio
    Patricia BENNETT, Belize, Admin./Coach
    Inducted in 1999. Bennett has conditioned the Belize Female National Softball Team to many victorious wins. As a trainer, she has strengthened the team for successsful journeys to the Central American & Caribbeean Softball Championships, X Pan American Games, and the IV Central American Games. Patricia has served as President of the Belize Amateur Softball Association since 1992.
  • placeholder-man
    E. Walwyn BREWLEY, British Virgin Islands, Administrator
    Attended six ISF Congresses and served on several commissions. He was instrumental in getting Anguilla affiliated as an ISF member (1991). Also attended four Congresses of the Pan American Confederation of Amateur Softball. Accompanied his country’s national team as Chief Delegate at more than ten events. The first person from the British Virgin Islands inducted into the ISF Hall of Fame.
  • esther-flores-bio
    Esther Vences FLORES, Mexico, Player
    A pitcher who enjoyed a 31-year playing career before retiring in 1984. She won a silver medal at the 1976 Central American & Caribbean Championships, posting a 4-0 won-lost record during that tournament. She played in four other international championships, going 7-2. She threw six perfect games over her career.
  • Joan_JOYCE_bio
    Joan JOYCE, United States, Player
    During her 19-year playing career, she played first base but was mostly a pitcher, compiling an amazing 509-33 won-lost record. Along the way she threw 126 no-hitters and 33 perfect games. She won a gold medal with the U.S. National Team at the 1974 ISF World Championship, posting a 5-0 record while pitching 36 scoreless innings, over which time she struck out 76 batters and hurled three no-hitters – two of which were perfect games. She was inducted into the ASA Hall of Fame in 1983, and named by Sports Illustrated in 1999 as the 13th greatest sports figure in Connecticut history.
  • lyndsey-leask-bio
    Lyndsey LEASK, New Zealand, Administrator
    The manager for New Zealand’s team at five international events, including the IV and V ISF Women’s World Championships, which saw the club earn third and first place finishes respectively. A five-time delegate (for New Zealand) to the ISF Congress. Member of the Technical Committee for the 1996 Olympics. President of the New Zealand Softball Association from 1995-1998 after having been Vice President from 1983-1994.
  • audrey-mclaughlin-bio
    Audrey McLAUGHLIN, Australia, Administrator
    Played a significant role as an active member in all facets of softball including administration, coaching, scoring, umpiring, and team selection. She was an assistant coach, head coach, vice president, president, and board member. Was a delegate to multiple ISF Congresses. In 1999 she was awarded “Member of the Order of Australia” for contribution and dedication to softball for over 50 years.
  • jun-kee-min-bio
    Jun-Kee MIN, Korea, Umpire
    Was an umpire at three ISF Women’s World Championships, three Junior Girls’ World Championships, and two Men’s World Championships from 1987-1998. Participated in two ISF Umpire Clinics and was a member of the ISF Umpires Commission from 1989-1998. Umpired at the 11th and 12th Asian Games and took part in seven Japan Softball Association Umpire Clinics. Was the first person from Korea inducted into the ISF Hall of Fame.
  • li-minkuan-bio
    Li MINKUAN, China, Coach
    Head Coach and Team Leader of the Chinese Women’s National Softball Team from 1979-1996. During that time his team won a bronze and a silver medal at the 1990 and 1994 ISF World Championships, respectively, and a silver medal at the 1996 Olympics. His club also captured the Championship in the 1987 Asian Championship Tournament, the 1990 IX Asian Games, and the 1991 V Asian Women’s Championship.
  • placeholder-man
    Charles PHILLIPS, New Zealand, Umpire
    Played in the first two Men’s World Championships, winning a bronze medal in 1966. Was an umpire at the same event in 1976. Deputy Chief Umpire for the VI Women’s World Championship and the IV Junior Men’s World Championship. Was Umpire in Chief for the New Zealand Softball Association from 1983-1996 after having been their Deputy Umpire in Chief from 1980-83. Inducted into the New Zealand Softball Association Hall of Fame in 1998.
  • charles-solis-bio
    Charles A. SOLIS, Belize, Coach
    Was first selected to coach on the National Women’s Team in 1976, when the team participated in the Caribbean Amateur Softball Tournament. In 1977, 1982, 1987, and 1994 he was selected to manage the National Women’s Team. During that time the team finished second twice. Also managed and coached the National Women’s Team in numerous invitational tournaments.
  • robyn-storer-bio
    Robyn STORER, New Zealand, Player
    Played in three ISF World Championships, winning a gold and a bronze medal. Over 12 games in the 1986 event, she hit .324. She appeared in over 100 games of international competition. In 1979 she was named the New Zealand Female Softball Player of the Year and in 1997 was inducted into the New Zealand Softball Hall of Fame.
  • andres-chavero-bio
    Andres Montes CHAVERO, Mexico, Admin./Organizer
    A career in softball of over 40 years. Named President of the Mexican Softball Federation in 1995 and 1st Vice President of CONCACAS in 1998. Managed in several regional championships and was also coach or team leader in five World Championships, five Pan-Am Championships, and six Central American Games. Was a delegate to four ISF Congresses. Honored in 2000 with the highest award in the Mexican Sport Confederation, “El Luchador Olmeca” (fighter).
  • merrell-ferguson-bio
    Merrell FERGUSON, New Zealand, Umpire/Manager
    Coached a national team in four world championships and umpired in the 1974 event. Her team won the gold medal twice in four trips to the South Pacific Classic and she also managed three Canada Cup teams. Umpired in several international tournaments. A member of the New Zealand Hall of Fame and life member of Softball New Zealand.
  • julius-oscar-hellburg-bio
    Julius Oscar HELLBURG, Netherlands Antilles, Umpire
    His career as a player and umpire spans more than 50 years. He served as coordinator of umpires and scorers in the Central America & Caribbean Games, and the Umpire-In-Chief in many international tournaments. Umpired in World Championships and served as a member of the ISF Rules Committee. He umpired in more than 12,000 softball games in 20 countries and is called the founder of the ISF umpiring system in Latin America.
  • jenny-holliday-bio
    Jenny HOLLIDAY, Australia, Player
    An outstanding pitcher-outfielder in international competition, she played in three World Championships. A strikeout artist, she pitched in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Served on the ISF Athletes Commission.
  • joyce-lester
    Joyce LESTER, Australia, Player
    An icon in Australian women’s softball who played 170 international games, including five world championships. A hard-hitting catcher, she served as captain of her team. Joyce won a bronze medal at the first Olympic Softball competition (1996). She served on the ISF Athletes Commission and is a member of the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.
  • augusto-maldonado-bio
    Augusto MALDONADO, Panama, Player
    An outstanding performer in the 1980 and 1984 World Championships. Batted .316 in the Pan American Games of 1979 and 1983. An infielder chosen to multiple all-star teams.
  • dashrath-mehta-bio
    Dr. Dashrath MAL MEHTA, India, Administrator
    The founder of the Softball Association of Asia. Organized 22 national tournaments for men and women. Led the drive to make softball a part of the school program and is aptly called the father of softball in India. He was the first person from India inducted into the ISF Hall of Fame.
  • oscar-molinar-bio
    Oscar E. MOLINAR, Panama, Player
    A power-hitter for Panama in the Men’s World Championships of 1980 and 1984. He started in the Pan American Games and was chosen as an all-star in several Caribbean Games. Chosen on the all-star team several times and was also named the most valuable player.
  • linda-reyes-bio
    Linda J. REYES, Belize, Player
    Posted a 13-0 won-lost record in international competition. She participated in the 1978 Women’s World Championship. Won Belize’s “Most Strikeouts Award” ten times. Played on the same team her entire career and holds the record for victories in the Central American Games.
  • bill-smith-bio
    O.W. (Bill) SMITH, United States, Administrator
    Represented the United States in many softball events around the world since 1981. Represented the U.S. at the formal signing of the agreement in Russia that created an exchange of teams and coaches between the two countries. President of the Amateur Softball Association, 1990-91. Was Nebraska ASA Commissioner from 1967-1998. Honorary member of the Indiana ASA Hall of Fame. Inducted in 1986 to the ASA (national) Hall of Fame.
  • placeholder-man
    Harvey STERKEL, United States, Player
    A legendary USA pitcher who never tasted defeat in leading the Americans to two Men’s World (fast pitch) Championships. A member of the ASA Hall of Fame who was named to the All-American team eight times. He holds the records for the most victories (eight) in national championship competition and most strikeouts (19) in a seven-inning game. Once won 52 consecutive starts in regular season play. Struck out 74 batters in two ISF World Championships (45 innings) and was named MVP of the 1966 event.
  • arthur-thompson
    Arthur THOMPSON, Bahamas, Umpire
    A 21-year international umpiring career that has included World Championships and the World Games. Served as the Bahamas Federation Umpire-In-Chief for 20 years, and umpired in every national championship in the Bahamas. He is noted as a very good clinician.
  • jose-agosto
    José AGOSTO, Puerto Rico, Coach
    With 22 years in international competition as coach of the national team, his softball career is obviously dotted with events. He enjoyed 15 top three finishes in 27 events, beginning with the 1980 Pan American Championship. He would end up guiding Puerto Rico’s teams to four different World Championships, and was also the coach of their 1996 Olympic team. He also led the team at multiple appearances in the following events: Pan Am Games, Central American & Caribbean Games, Olympic qualifiers, Pan Am Championships, and Central American & Caribbean Championships.
  • kathy-arendsen
    Kathy ARENDSEN, United States, Player
    Played in three ISF World Championships, posting a perfect 11-0 won-lost record. She still holds or shares records in multiple categories within those competitions. Kathy also participated in two Pan American Games, totaling 69 strikeouts. Her other international competition included the 1981 & 1985 World Games, the 1984 International Cup, and 1985 Haarlem Softball Week. Her team finished first in all competitions named herein. She is also in the ASA National Softball Hall of Fame and Michigan Sports Hall of Fame.
  • greg-christie
    Greg CHRISTIE, Bahamas, Administrator
    Served as a Delegate to more than a half-dozen ISF World Congresses. He was the Business Manager to two Women’s World Championships and Chef de Mission to a third, a role he also served in for the 1988 Men’s World Championship, as well as two CONPASA and one CONCACAS events. The President of the Bahamas Softball Federation from 1994-2000, he was a member of the Technical Committee for softball’s first Olympic competition (1996 in Atlanta). He was also active in ISF commissions, serving in roles as a member, co-chair, and chairman. His lengthy résumé spans more than 20 years and includes countless other endeavors in international softball.
  • ivelisse-echevarria
    Ivellise ECHEVARRIA, Puerto Rico, Player
    A pitcher and designated player, her career began and ended in grand fashion. In 1978 she played in the World Championship in El Salvador, and in 1996 she played in softball’s first competition at the Summer Olympics. Along the way she played in two other World Championships. As a pitcher, she won over 40 games in international competition, including a perfect game at the Pan American Games, an event she played in a total of four of. She also participated in four Central American and Caribbean Games and four Central American Caribbean Championships. Over 22 events from ’78-’96, her team finished first or second a combined total of 15 times.
  • sidney-fernander
    Sidney FERNANDER, Bahamas, Coach
    One of the few to manage both the men’s and women’s teams, he enjoyed much success with the Bahamas from 1972-97. During his tenure as a manager, his men’s team won the bronze medal at the 1980 ISF World Championship. He also would lead the Bahamas at women’s world championship play. Other international events included the 1986 Caribbean Games and four CAST tournaments.
  • laing-harrow
    Laing HARROW, Australia, Player
    Appeared in 22 games over three ISF Men’s World Championships, hitting .316 at both the 1992 and 1996 events, serving as captain at the latter. He played in more than a dozen additional international events in the ‘90s. Laing went on to serve as an assistant coach of the under 19 Australian team that won the Jr. Men’s World Championship in 2001.
  • soji-kato
    Mr. Soji KATO, Japan, Umpire
    An international umpire for 15 years, beginning in 1980, he worked three ISF Men’s and two ISF Women’s World Championships. He also worked three Tri-Nation Championships and the Women’s International Cup Tournament in 1984. In addition, his list of accomplishments shows two Asian Games and three Asian Men’s Championships, among others. He also was a contributor to the development of umpire’s technique, as a chief instructor or assistant instructor.
  • placeholder-woman
    Cheryl KEMP, New Zealand, Player/Coach
    In three ISF World Championship appearances, her team won one gold medal (1982) and one bronze (1986). Beginning with two test series in 1973, she also took part in nine other international competitions (23 games), posting an ERA of 0.82 or lower in each of them. She also hit .333 in two of them. Her team won the 1982 South Pacific Classic. As a coach, her career spanned 1989-1998. She coached at one world championship and one junior world championship, as well as the 1995 Olympic qualifying tournament. She was also a coach at three South Pacific Classics, seven International Test Series, and three other international tournaments.
  • margo-koskelainen
    Margo KOSKELAINEN, Australia, Umpire
    After obtaining her ISF umpire certification in 1979, Margo went on to a long international career. She was the Umpire-In-Chief at the 2001 Jr. Men’s World Championship and at three Olympic qualifiers, and was the Deputy Umpire-In-Chief at the 2000 Olympic softball competition as well as at four ISF World Championships. In total, she was an umpire, the Deputy UIC, or the UIC at 22 regional international events over 23 years. She also served on the ISF Playing Rules Commission and ISF Umpires Commission at five consecutive ISF Congresses. She also was the coordinator for a number of ISF umpire seminars in various locations.
  • alan-mcauliffe
    Alan McAULIFFE, Australia, Umpire
    Alan umpired 170 international level games from the time he got his umpire certification in 1990 through and including 2002. He was also a presenter at nine regional umpire seminars. And, he was the Umpire In Chief at six regional games. His work included two ISF Women’s World Championships, a Jr. Women’s World Championship, and being one of the umpires chosen to work the first-ever Olympic softball competition (1996 in Atlanta).
  • lesleymonk
    Lesley MONK, New Zealand, Player
    She played in five ISF world championships, with her team finishing in the top three at four of them. A catcher, she hit .333 in two of those five events, and played a combined total of 44 games. Her international playing career spanned 1977-95, and also saw her play in 85 more games over 16 other appearances. A true sign of a Hall of Fame caliber career, her highest batting average actually came in her last international event, hitting .467 at the Olympic qualifier in 1995. Lesley was inducted into the Softball New Zealand Hall of Fame in 2000.
  • miriam-segarra
    Miriam (Betty) SEGARRA, Puerto Rico, Player
    She participated in international competition for 23 years (1973-96), playing both first base and pitcher. She is mostly known for her defense, and could be considered one of the best defensive first basemen in women’s international play. Some of the highlights on her lengthy résumé are the 1996 Olympics, four world championships, five Pan American Games (finishing in second place in three of them), five Central American & Caribbean Games (finishing first or second all five times), three Pan Am Championships, and five Central American & Caribbean Championships (all top three finishes).
  • serrano
    Rafael “Rafi” SERRANO, Puerto Rico, Administrator
    Currently one of the ISF’s two VPs for Latin America, he has contributed to softball in many capacities. A member and officer of the Puerto Rico Softball Federation for over 35 years – serving as President from 1993 to 1999 – he was an organizer at events ranging from the Central American & Caribbean Men’s Championship to the Men’s Modified Pitch ISF World Championship, and the 1995 ISF Congress and 1st Girls’ CONCACAS Championship in 2000. He was also a delegate and a technical director for various events, and was elected as President of CONCACAS in 1998.
  • dudley-douggy-smith
    Dudley “Douggy” Stanford SMITH, Bahamas, Player
    Having begun playing softball at age 12, he went on to become one of the most prolific players in the Bahamas. Considered a Bahamian hero and great softball legend, he is affectionately known as the player from the Bahamas who caught without a catcher’s mask, chest protector, or chin guard. He began playing internationally in 1972, promptly posting the top batting average. In 1977 in Mexico he hit the most home runs (six), and later went on to two times being named to the All Tournament Team (1980 and 1986). He has also been named to the Bahamas Softball Federation Hall of Fame.
  • jesus-suniaga
    Jesús SUNIAGA, Venezuela, Administrator
    From the time he was elected President of the Venezuela Softball Federation in 1988, he has served as a Venezuelan delegate at two ISF Men’s and two Women’s World Championships, three Pan American Games, three Central American & Caribbean Championships, and three South American Championships. He was also a member of the Technical Commission for the Olympic softball competition at the Summer Games in 2000 in Australia. He was Vice President for South America in CONPASA from 1991-96 and three years later became Vice President of the Pan American Softball Confederation, CONPASA.
  • margaret-rose-usher
    Margaret Rose USHER, Belize, Player
    The only Belizean pitcher to have won three games at a world championship, she played in seven games and batted .300 at that ISF event in 1978. She also played in nine games over four events from 1976-79, with her team finishing first or second in three of those. Her won-lost record in that quartet of tournaments was 7-3 and in the last she was the MVP. She also played in three Pan American Games, winning two bronze medals. She is the only pitcher to have thrown three perfect games in the country of Belize.
  • clara-vazquez
    Clara VAZQUEZ, Puerto Rico, Player
    A left fielder from 1980-96, she recorded the first base hit in Olympic softball competition, reaching first base on a single in the top of the first inning in a game against the U.S. in 1996. She was the batting champion at the 1986 World Championship in New Zealand, three years after having also won the batting championship at the Pan Am Games in Venezuela. She won five other batting titles in official international competitions, with a lifetime batting average of .365, including .312 at the Olympics Games in 1996.
  • michael-walsh
    Michael WALSH, New Zealand, Coach
    His international coaching career began in 1981 and would continue into the 21st century. From 1984-2002 he coached at five world championships (four men and one women’s), winning two gold and two silver medals. He also coached New Zealand’s women’s team at two Olympic qualifiers as well as at the 2000 Olympic softball competition in Sydney, Australia. There are a combined 27 more international tournaments, international series, and overseas tours that he coached at/for.
  • colin-ward
    Colin WARD, New Zealand, Coach
    Inducted into the Softball New Zealand Hall of Fame in 1998, Colin was a coach for 12 years at a number of international events. He was an assistant coach at three ISF world championships (winning a gold, a silver, and a bronze medal), and the coach at a fourth. He was also part of the 1987 Jr. Women’s World Championship New Zealand team. He coached at four South Pacific Classics (winning two bronze medals), and at three Canada Cups (two as assistant coach). And, he coached in three other international tournaments and at seven international test series.
  • blas-armando-aguiar-gil
    Blas Armando AGUIAR GIL, Cuba, Coach
    His international coaching résumé spans numerous events, including multiple Central American & Caribbean Games, three Pan American Games (bronze medal each time), two Pan American Women’s Softball Championships (silver medal both times), two Olympic qualifiers (winning the second one, to send Cuba on to the 2000 Games in Sydney), and two ISF Women’s World Championships (1990 & 1994). He also was an instructor for numerous regional coaching clinics.
  • norma-allsopp
    Norma ALLSOPP, Australia, Player
    A member of Australia’s teams at the first two ISF women’s world championships (1965 and 1970), with her team having taken the title at the inaugural edition. She played in test series against New Zealand in 1954 and South Africa in 1960 and toured with Australian teams to Asia as well.
  • terry-baytor
    Terry BAYTOR, Canada, Coach
    He posted an overall coaching (won-lost) record of 79-9, having been the Head Coach of Canada’s men’s national team from 1989-2000. His teams won four gold medals (1991 Pan American Games, 1995 & 1999 Pan American Championships, and 1992 World Championship) and a silver medal (1996 World Championship). He had also served as the assistant coach for Canada’s men’s national team from 1982-1989, winning four more medals (gold at 1983 Pan American Games, silver at 1984 World Championship, gold at 1987 Pan American Games, and bronze at 1988 World Championship). Terry also did coaching clinics, including one for the ISF in 1997 in South Africa. He was inducted into Softball Canada’s Hall of Fame in 2003.
  • argemiro-bermudez
    Argemiro BERMUDEZ VILLADIEGO, Colombia, Administrator
    The 2nd Vice President of the Colombia National Olympic Committee, he was the Colombia Softball Federation’s President for 12 years. He was Vice President of the Central American & Caribbean Confederation (softball) and a member of the organizing committee for the XX Central American & Caribbean Games. In 1991 Argemiro served as chief of the Colombia Commission for the Pan American Games in Cuba.
  • guillermo-bonfante-milano
    Guillermo BONFANTE MILANO, Colombia, Coach
    His teams (women) won three South American titles and one Central American title. His résumé also includes a second place finish at the Bolivarian Games and multiple second place finishes at the Central American & Caribbean Games. He coached at two Pan American Softball Championships for Women, and two ISF Women’s World Championships. In the 1990s Guillermo won numerous awards for his work in softball.
  • joanne-brown
    Joanne BROWN, Australia, Player
    A catcher and outfielder, she won an Olympic bronze medal at the softball competition in both Atlanta (1996) and Sydney (2000). Joanne also played in three ISF Women’s World Championships, winning a bronze medal in 1998 and a silver in 1994, when she hit .467 for the Aussies. She participated in numerous other international softball events, having started competing worldwide in 1990.
  • ken-culpitt
    Ken CULPITT, Australia, Umpire
    Started umpiring international-level games in 1985, going on to do 200 of them. He worked at two ISF Men’s World Championships, three ISF Jr. Women’s World Championships, and one ISF Jr. Men’s World Championship. Ken also worked one Arafura Games and was a presenter at multiple international umpire development clinics.
  • kerry-dienelt
    Kerry DIENELT, Australia, Player
    She won bronze medals at softball’s first two Olympic appearances, hitting .364 at the 1996 Games in Atlanta. Kerry played at three ISF Women’s World Championships, highlighted by a silver medal at the 1998 event, where she hit .385 for Australia. She played in numerous other international softball events up to her retirement after the Games in Sydney, which had been preceded by her participation in the 2000 Canada Cup.
  • michele-granger
    Michele GRANGER, USA, Player
    The winning pitcher in the gold medal game in softball’s first appearance at the Olympics (1996), Michele posted a 2-0 won-lost record in Atlanta, a 0.87 earned run average, and 25 strikeouts. Two years earlier she won a gold medal at the ISF’s VIII Women’s World Championship. She also won a gold medal that year at the South Pacific Classic in Australia as well as at two Pan American Games (1995 & 1991). In 1987 she played in the ISF’s III Jr. Women’s World Championship where the host U.S. team won the gold medal.
  • steeve-hsieh
    Steeve HSIEH, Chinese Taipei, Administrator
    A former player, he has been involved in some (off-field) capacity in each one of the ISF’s four world championships (men, women, junior men, and junior women) at least once. He also was involved with Asian Men’s and Women’s Championships, the Arafura Games, and the Asian Games. He began working for the Chinese Taipei Amateur Softball Association (CTASA) in 1973. Steeve became Secretary General of CTASA in 2001, Deputy Secretary General of the Softball Confederation of Asia (SCA) in 2002, and Vice President of CTASA in 2005.
  • denise-hutchinson
    Denise HUTCHINSON, Australia, Player
    An outfielder at three different ISF Women’s World Championships, she won medals (one silver, one bronze) at two of them. At the 1974 event, her batting average was over .500 and her fielding percentage was perfect (1.000). Denise also represented Australia at other international tournaments in several countries over the period from 1967-78.
  • ana-maria-jaillier-correa
    Ana Maria JAILLIER CORREA, Colombia, Player
    Began playing in 1982 and by the time of her election to the ISF Hall of Fame, she was active in softball as member of the board of directors for her country’s national softball federation. She pitched in three ISF Women’s World Championships, including 1998 when she registered a 0.97 earned run average. The following year she pitched at the Olympic qualifier. In addition to other softball events and multisport games, Ana Maria competed at two Central American & Caribbean Games and three South American Games, with her team winning the championship twice at the latter event.
  • shane-king
    Shane KING, Australia, Player
    An extensive international playing career that included three ISF Men’s World Championships. A shortstop and outfielder, he represented Australia from 1992 to 2000. The speedy baserunner took part in events such as the New Zealand Test Series (twice, second place each time), Trans Tasman Challenge (second place), Tri Nations, and many more.
  • rafael-pianeta
    Rafael Enrique Ostau De LAFONT PIANETA, Colombia, Administrator
    A former softball player and manager, he began serving as a member of the Colombia Softball Federation Technical Commission in 1994, and the next year became a member of the technical body of the (men’s and women’s) national teams. In 1995 he also became a member of the National Olympic Committee. Rafael Enrique was a member of the Colombia delegation to numerous multi-sport games, including the Olympics, Pan American Games, Bolivarian Games, and Central American & Caribbean Games.

  • Dale_McMANN_bio
    Dale McMANN, Canada, Administrator
    Dale was elected ISF VP/North America in 1993 and still held the position at the time of his election to the ISF Hall of Fame. The former President of Softball Canada (12 years) began serving as Chairman of the ISF Development Commission in 1993 and still held the position as of the 2005 Congress. In 1995 he became Chairman of the ISF Administrative/Planning Commission and Vice Chairman of the Legislative Commission. He served on the ISF Equipment Standards Commission from 1996-2003 and was part of the group that did the site search for the ISF headquarters relocation. Dale represented the ISF at numerous international events, including Olympic qualifiers, regional championships, the World Masters Games, and many more.
  • antonio-micheli
    Antonio MICHELI, Italy, Coach
    The coach of Italy’s Olympic softball team at the 2000 Games in Sydney, he had guided them to victory one year earlier at the Africa/Europe Olympic qualifier. He was also a part of three Italian teams at the ISF Women’s World Championship, with their final placing being higher each time. Along the way there were also two Intercontinental Cups as well as the European Championship. He was still involved in softball regionally in 2004.
  • yutaka-miyake
    Yutaka MIYAKE, Japan, Player
    He played in four ISF Men’s World Championships from 1976-1988. He pitched for the Japan team that finished second at the 2nd Asian Men’s Championship and first at the 3rd Asian Men’s Championship. He retired from playing in 1993 and went on to continue serving the sport, coaching the junior men’s national team at three Jr. Men’s World Championships. At the time of his election to the ISF Hall of Fame, Yutaka was a Director of National Teams for the Japan Softball Association.
  • andre-prins
    Andre PRINS, Netherlands, Umpire/Coach
    He started umpiring softball in 1968 and ten years later became just the 26th ISF certified umpire. Andre umpired at three European Championships and three World Championships. He was the Dutch National Softball Umpire-In-Chief from 1991-1995. He has conducted numerous umpire clinics in countries throughout Europe. He was a manager-coach at eight European Championships, winning seven medals, and also was a manager-coach at world championships (junior and senior). He was the pitching coach for Belgium’s national team from 1997-99, the coach of Israel’s men’s national team at the 2001 Maccabiah Games and multiple European Championships, and the manager-coach of Russia’s national junior team from 1995-2002.
  • edgardo-shemell-salvat
    Edgardo SCHEMEL SALVAT, Colombia, Umpire
    In 1987 he became just the second Colombian umpire to gain ISF certification. He worked several Central-American Championships, was the Umpire-In-Chief at the XIII Central American & Caribbean Games, and umpired at the South American Games in 1989. In addition, he umpired at the Pan American Games and the Women’s World Championship. He was the Colombia Softball Federation’s Umpire-In-Chief (1989-90) and has won numerous umpiring awards.
  • lori-sippel
    Lori SIPPEL, Canada, Player
    Pitched in five games at the 1996 Olympics, registering a 0.70 earned run average (ERA). She also played in four ISF Women’s World Championships, including the 1998 event where she posted four wins and a perfect (0.00) ERA. That same year she pitched a one-hit, 1-0 victory at the Olympic qualifier. Lori won a gold, silver, and bronze medal at the Pan American Games, and participated in five Canada Cups. The top pitcher award at the latter event was renamed the “ Lori Sippel Award” in 1999. She also played in the 1981 World Youth Games. Lori was inducted into the Softball Canada Hall of Fame in 2000.
  • ty-stofflet
    Ty STOFFLET, USA, Player
    Played in the Pan American Games in 1979 and 1983, compiling a 6-1 (won-lost) pitching record. He was selected for the 1980 ISF Men’s World Championship but couldn’t go due to injury. Four years earlier at the same event he had posted a 4-2 record while hitting .375 in guiding his team to a share of first place. He struck out 98 batters in 59 innings, allowed just four runs (none earned), and walked only four batters. During the tournament the USA posted a 20-inning, 1-0 win over New Zealand in which Ty had a perfect game for 18 2/3 innings, finished with a no-hitter, and drove in the winning run.
  • taeko-utsugi-bio
    Taeko UTSUGI, Japan, Coach
    After a playing career that saw her compete in the 3rd ISF Women’s World Championship (silver medal), she became an assistant coach of the national team, a role she served in at three ISF Jr. Women’s World Championships (medal each time) and the 1996 Olympics. She was Japan’s Head Coach at three Women’s World Championships, including one silver and one bronze medal. She also led her team to silver and bronze medal finishes at the 2000 & 2004 Olympics, respectively. With Utsugi as coach, Japan won the Women’s World Championship Asia qualifier in 2000 and finished in second place at the 2002 Japan Cup. She also coached at three Asian Games (one gold, two silver medals) and at one Asian Women’s Championship.
  • wayne-brown
    Wayne BROWN, Canada, Umpire
    The ISF North American Regional Umpire-In-Chief from 1995-2005, he made his debut on the international softball umpiring scene when he officiated in the III Junior Men’s World Championship in 1989. Wayne went on to umpire at the 1993 Maccabiah Games and by 1996 he began a stint that went through 2002 serving as an evaluator, umpire-in-chief, or deputy umpire-in-chief at events ranging from, among others, the Canada Cup to the Pan American Games and three ISF world championships.
  • carlos-cano
    Carlos CANO GÓMEZ, Guatemala, Player
    A pitcher for almost 15 years, he earned numerous honors throughout his playing career, including the 1986 Sport Athlete of the Year, named by the Olympic Committee of Guatemala. At that year’s Central American and Caribbean Games, Carlos was the home run leader, won a gold medal, and set the CACG record for strikeouts in one game (18). He competed in multiple Central American & Caribbean Games and in 1999 a dedication ceremony was held to name the Diamond Vista Hermosa after him, “Carlos Cano Gomez,” because of his excellent sport career.
  • lucie-carmichael
    Lucie CARMICHAEL, Canada, Umpire
    After coming on the international scene as an umpire at the VIII ISF Women’s World Championship in 1994, she went on to work the European Olympic Qualifier one year later when she also umpired at the Canada Cup. The latter event was also one of her assignments in 1996, when she also worked softball’s first appearance in the Olympic Games in Atlanta, where she was chosen as the home plate umpire for the gold medal game. Lucie would later go on to roles as a supervisor, instructor, and committee volunteer, and was inducted into Softball Canada’s Hall of Fame in 2005.
  • sheila-douty
    Sheila CORNELL-DOUTY, USA, Player
    An infielder with an international playing career that spanned 17 years, Sheila played in well over 100 games with Team USA. In a combined three ISF world championships, five Pan American Games, and two Olympics, she won nine gold medals and one silver. Over that span of events she had a .390 batting average. She also competed in one Canada Cup, two South Pacific Classics, the 1993 Intercontinental Cup, and the 1995 Super Ball event. In 2006 Sheila was inducted into the ASA National Softball Hall of Fame.
  • Candice_CULMER
    Candice DeGREGORY CULMER, Bahamas, Player
    Candice, co-captain of the Bahamas, led her team with a .313 batting average en route to a bronze medal at the III World Games in 1981. She went to a pair of ISF Women’s World Championships (1982 and 1990), posting a .500 average at the first of those two. She also played in four Caribbean Amateur Softball Tournaments as well as more than a half-dozen Central American and Caribbean Softball Confederation competitions.
  • jane-earnshaw
    Jane EARNSHAW, New Zealand, Player
    A participant in at least 60 games in international play, her career was highlighted by ISF world championship appearances that resulted in a gold, silver, and bronze medal. Jane played on New Zealand teams that finished first at least three other international tournaments. Over her 12-year international softball playing career (1982-1994), the outfielder was known for her speed. In 2001 she was elected to the Softball New Zealand Hall of Fame.
  • chartchai-essarum
    Dr. Chartchai ESSARUM, Thailand, Administrator
    At the time of his ISF Hall of Fame election at the 2007 Congress, he was attending his fifth such meeting and from 1998-2007 he had also attended all Softball Confederation of Asia Congresses. He became a SCA vice president in 2000 and from 2001-2007 Dr. Essarum served as a member of the appeal jury at eight different international softball events, including multi-sport games and regional championships. In 1998 he had been the Sport Manager for softball at the 13th Asian Games. He is the first electee to the ISF Hall of Fame from Thailand.
  • hwang-chang-keun
    Mr. HWANG Chang-Keun, Korea, Coach
    A softball coach since 1987, he made his international debut in 1990 coaching the Korean women’s national team at the 11th Asian Games, an event he would also be the head coach at three more times. Chang also coached in two Olympic qualifiers, two ISF Women’s World Championships, and a Junior Women’s World Championship. His teams also played in three Asian Women’s Championships. In 2000 he coached both Croatia and Slovenia’s national softball teams.
  • richard-johnson
    Richard JOHNSON, Bahamas, Player
    Nicknamed “Lionheart,” he may be best remembered for pitching all 19 innings of a 2-1 win over New Zealand at the 1980 ISF Men’s World Championship, an event at which he also pitched a 12-strikeout, nine-inning, no-hit win over Mexico, en route to a bronze medal finish for the Bahamas. The next year he pitched in World Games I and was still competing in 1996 when Richard was part of the Bahamas team that played in the IX ISF Men’s World Championship. Over his 20-plus years playing career he also participated in multiple Central American and Caribbean Softball Confederation championships.
  • austin-knowles
    Austin KNOWLES, Bahamas, Meritorious Service
    His involvement with the sport began in 1962 as a team manager at the age of just 26. Ten years later he was one of the founding members of the Bahamas Softball Federation, later serving as their president from 1977-1980, during which time he sent the men’s and women’s national teams to events in Mexico, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, and USA. Over the course of more than 35 years dedicated to the sport he became known as the “Grand Daddy of softball” in the Bahamas as he sponsored individuals, local teams, and those that traveled internationally. “Kingsnake” also purchased equipment for a good number of softball players in his country.
  • mikio-kuroki
    Mr. Mikio KUROKI, Japan, Administrator
    Mr. Kuroki served softball for more than 20 years. He was a director of the Japan Softball Association, and also held positions with the JSA over the years as executive director, council member, and president, then was recognized as honorary president. He was also an advisor to the Softball Confederation of Asia for four years and played a key role in softball being on the programme of the XIII Asian Games in Thailand in 1998.
  • Carlos_Larranaga
    Carlos LARRAÑAGA GOMAR, Guatemala, Administrator
    The President of the Guatemala Softball Association from 1996-99 and 2004-07, he was also the Central American Softball Confederation (CONCASOFT) president from 1996-2001. Mr. Larrañaga was CONCASOFT vice president in 2005 and the Central American vice president for the Pan American Softball Confederation from 1998-2004. He was Guatemala’s delegate at the ISF Congress four times.
  • low-beng-choo
    Ms. LOW Beng Choo, Malaysia, Administrator
    At the time of her ISF Hall of Fame election she was the president of the Softball Association of Malaysia since 1999, having been Secretary General from 1990-98. As of late 2007 she was also still the Softball Confederation of Asia Secretary General and ISF Deputy Secretary General. Beng was a Technical Committee Member, Delegate, Official, or Director at four major softball events (Olympics, Asian Games, world championship, & Olympic qualifier). She served on at least three different ISF commissions and is Malaysia’s first ISF Hall of Famer.
  • hilberto-martinez
    Mr. Hilberto “Hilly” MARTINEZ, Belize, Administrator
    “Hilly” served the Belize Softball Federation as Commissioner from 1981-91. In the 1980s he was the Chief of Mission at two Pan American Games and two Central American & Caribbean Games, with Belize winning two silver medals and one bronze at those events. As the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association Secretary General over a period of 30 years, he supported softball at PASO, IOC, and CGF meetings. Mr. Martinez was honored by ORDECA for his outstanding work in the development of sports on the American continent.
  • michael nichols
    Michael NICHOLS, New Zealand, Player
    He broke into national competition in 1980 and by 1984 Michael was on the first of three New Zealand teams that he would compete with in ISF Men’s World Championships. Over that trio of tournaments he had a batting average of .339 and won a gold and two silver medals. In four other international competitions from 1981-90 his team came in first place each time. An outfielder, Michael was elected to the Softball New Zealand Hall of Fame in 2000.
  • godfrey-gully-pinder
    Godfrey Gully PINDER, Bahamas, Coach
    After playing softball in the early 1960s he went on to a successful coaching career locally, nationally, regionally, and, for ten years, internationally. Godfrey was a coach in the ISF’s men’s, women’s, and junior men’s world championships and at the World Games in 1981 when the Bahamas women’s national team won the bronze medal. Later he also coached in Caribbean Amateur Softball Tournaments.
  • michael-preece
    Michael PREECE, Bermuda, Umpire
    The first ISF Hall of Famer from Bermuda, Michael began umpiring in 1958 and became ISF certified in 1973, then proceeded to continue working games for over 30 more years. He worked two ISF men’s world championships, one women’s, and the first junior men’s/junior women’s in 1981. He also umpired in multiple Pan American Games. Michael worked a great number of Pan Am qualifying tournaments and several Caribbean Amateur Softball Tournaments and Central American and Caribbean Softball Confederation events.
  • jacques-reinenbergh
    Jacques REINENBERGH, Belgium, Administrator
    Active in the sport for over 30 years, he played in the first male softball game in Belgium in the 1970s. In 1982 he was a delegate of the Belgian women’s national team at the ISF world championship in Taipei. He served on the Technical Committee at European Softball Federation tournaments for over 20 years and in 1996 was a TC member when softball made its Olympic debut. Just four months before his election to the ISF Hall of Fame he was still serving as a TC member, at the VIII ISF Jr. Women’s World Championship. The only person previously elected to the ISF Hall of Fame from Belgium was his wife (Anny, 1993).
  • david-amaiz
    Jacinto David AMAIZ, Venezuela, Meritorious Service
    Jacinto David Amaíz served as a delegate of the Venezuelan national team at two ISF men’s world championships (2000 & 2009) and one ISF junior men’s world championship (2008). His involvement with international softball, which spanned almost 20 years, also included four ISF Congresses, which he attended as a Venezuelan delegate. He was the Secretary/Treasurer of the South American Softball Confederation from 1995-2001 and was a delegate of Venezuela’s men’s national team to multiple Pan American Championships and Central American & Caribbean Games.
  • ivan-briceno
    Ivan Eduardo BRICENO C., Venezuela, Administrator
    A Venezuelan delegate or sub-delegate to six ISF world championships, Iván has been involved with international softball for almost 30 years. He was a Venezuelan delegate to the ISF Congress in 1985 and 23 years later saw his country’s women’s national team play in their first Olympics, as a sub-delegate in Beijing. He was the Technical Director of the first Pan American Men’s Softball Championship (1981) and served in the same role five years later for the Central American & Caribbean Championship. He served in related roles for other regional championships as well.
  • peter-clout
    Peter CLOUT, Australia, Player
    Peter played on three Australian national teams that went to the ISF Men’s World Championship, including the 2004 event in New Zealand where his country medaled for the first time at that event, finishing third. In eleven games at that tournament he batted .250 and at the prior edition (2000 in South Africa) he posted a perfect (1.000) fielding percentage. Peter competed in a test series versus New Zealand in 2001, a Tri Series against the Kiwis and Japan two years later, and in several other domestic, regional, and international tournaments.
  • naomi-ellis
    Naomi ELLIS, Bahamas, Player
    Over a playing career that spanned parts of three decades, Naomi’s on-field highlights included appearances in multiple ISF women’s world championships, including the 1982 edition from which her teammates still mention her successful bunt that broke up a no-hitter in a game against USA. At the same event four years earlier she finished with a .333 batting average. Naomi also represented the Bahamas on teams that played in CAST, CONCACAS, and CONPASA championships. She is looked upon as one of the most impactful female players on softball in the Bahamas.
  • eduardo-falcon
    Eduardo Jose FALCON, Venezuela, Umpire
    Eduardo has been heavily involved in international softball for well over 20 years. He umpired at three ISF world championships and was the Assistant Umpire-In-Chief at two Olympic qualifying tournaments. He also umpired at both the Central American & Caribbean Games and the Pan American Games. In addition, Eduardo been an umpire seminar instructor and was either the Umpire-In-Chief or the Assistant UIC at multiple Pan American championships. He is the first Venezuelan umpire elected to the ISF Hall of Fame.
  • philippa-griffith-bailey
    Philippa GRIFFITH-BAILEY, Belize, Administrator
    Philippa served as the Belize Softball Federation’s secretary general from 1965-1970 and then again from 1995-2006. She was the delegation leader for Belize to three Central American championships and served as chairperson of the national selection committee and was responsible for the development of the national team programs. In 2007 she became the federation’s treasurer and represented Belize at that year’s ISF Congress, serving on two commissions. Her contributions to softball in Belize are epitomized by the MBE Award that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II R honored her with in 2008.
  • rhonda-hira
    Rhonda HIRA, New Zealand, Player
    Over an international playing career that spanned parts of three decades, infielder Rhonda Hira competed in four International Softball Federation women’s world championships. In her debut at that event in 1986 New Zealand won the bronze medals. At the 1994 edition Rhonda posted a .467 batting average, then hit .438 five years later at the Asia/Oceania Olympic qualifier as the White Sox gained a berth in the 2000 Games. At those Olympics in Australia she hit .375, then went on to represent her country for two more years. In all Rhonda appeared in over 200 games internationally for New Zealand.
  • john-mcauliffe
    John McAULIFFE, Australia, Umpire
    John became an ISF-certified umpire in 1990. Over his time out on the field in the blue uniform he worked two ISF junior men’s world championships, an ISF junior women’s world championship, and an ISF men’s world championship. His top assignment came in 2000 when he umpired during the Olympic softball competition in his home country. Along the way he also worked numerous other international softball competitions such as the Canada Cup, the Japan Cup, an Olympic qualifier, and two world championship qualifying tournaments. He also served the sport as an umpire training clinician.
  • sally-mccreedy
    Sally (McDermid) McCREEDY, Australia, Player
    Over a long international playing career, Sally competed in two Olympics (1996 & 2000), winning a bronze medal both times. She also participated in five ISF women’s world championships, highlighted by the 1998 event in Japan, where her team recorded a silver medal finish. At the same tournament four years earlier she posted a .357 batting average and perfect (1.000) fielding percentage. An infielder, Sally represented Australia in numerous Cup events over the years as well.
  • nobunori-nishimura
    Nobunori NISHIMURA, Japan, Player
    Over an international playing career that spanned parts of three decades, pitcher Nobunori Nishimura competed in an amazing five International Softball Federation men’s world championships. Over that quintet of tournaments he accumulated an impressive 17-6 won-lost record. In 2000 his Japan team recorded their best finish at that event, winning the silver medals. Four years earlier he was on their bronze medal-winning team. Nobunori also pitched in three Asian Men’s Championships, with his team finishing first each time. At that tournament in 1994 he had a perfect 5-0 won-lost record.
  • wayne-saunders
    Wayne SAUNDERS, New Zealand, Umpire
    Wayne Saunders has served the international softball umpiring community on and off the field since the mid-1980s. Over that time period he worked in all four of the ISF’s world championships – a combined total of seven such tournaments. His peak assignment was the Olympic softball competition in 2004 in Athens, Greece. Among others, Wayne also worked events such as the Canada Cup and the Prague Softball Cup. He has also served the game in his role as an ISF Regional Umpire Coordinator and has been a part of several umpire clinics as well.
  • naomi-shaw
    Naomi SHAW, New Zealand, Coach
    Naomi came on the international softball scene as an assistant coach for New Zealand’s junior women’s team from 1988-1991, with the team achieving a top-five finish at the ISF IV Jr. Women’s World Championship in Australia in 1991. She became their head coach in 1992 and stayed in that position until 1995, when she led the team at the fifth edition of that same tournament. Along the way she was an assistant coach of the women’s national team (1992-1998), which included two ISF women’s world championships and the 1995 Asia/Oceania Olympic qualifier. TV New Zealand used Naomi’s expertise for the commentary on the softball broadcasts from the 2000 Olympics in Australia.
  • slava-smagin
    Viatcheslav SMAGIN, Russia, Administrator
    An administrator/organizer since the sport started in the USSR in 1986, his service included Umpire in Chief for that country from 1987-92. Slava brought in foreign teams to tour the USSR, and then Russia played demonstration games. In 1991 he founded the “Governor’s Cup” annual international tournament. In 2002 he became executive director of the Russian Softball Federation. Among other international softball competitions, he arranged for the Russian national team to participate in the 2002 ISF women’s world championship, the 2003 ISF junior women’s world championship, and the 2009 World Games. In 2008 he helped set up the ISF Eastern Europe Regional Training Center.
  • mark-sorenson
    Mark SORENSON, New Zealand, Player
    In 1984 Mark Sorenson made his international softball debut at the ISF VI Men’s World Championship at the age of just 16 years old. Twenty-one years later he retired from the game with seven world championship tournaments (one junior) to his credit – all of them gold (five times) or silver medal finishes. In four of the seven he finished with a .400 batting average or higher. A catcher, Mark played in over 70 games in world championship play alone. He made more than 125 other international playing appearances on behalf of New Zealand over his three decades in men’s fast pitch softball to cement his legacy in Black Sox history.
  • bob-steffya
    Robert J. STEFFY, SR., Guam, Administrator
    The first person from Guam elected to the ISF Hall of Fame, Bob has been their national softball association’s president since 1981. He was Guam’s chief delegate to three ISF world championships in the early 1980s. In 2005 he became the first president of the Oceania Softball Confederation. He has served on multiple ISF commissions and been Guam’s delegate at multiple ISF congresses. In addition, Bob also has served as softball’s representative at Oceania National Olympic Committee meetings and been involved with the softball competition at several multi-sport events, including three times at the Micronesian Games.
  • glen-todd
    Glen TODD, Canada, Administrator
    Glen is the Founder and Chair of the Canada Cup, an ISF-sanctioned event that was established in 1993 and went on to become a huge annual success. Glen added a Special Olympics division in 1998, expanded the event again in 2002 with Futures (Under-19), then grew the tournament one more time in 2005 by putting the Showcase (Under-16) event on the program. Under Glen’s leadership the Canada Cup has enjoyed annual attendance figures over 100,000 in the past decade and become a favored destination of international teams as well as a key scouting stop for college recruiters.
  • don-tricker
    Don TRICKER, New Zealand, Meritorious Service
    Don Tricker made his name known through New Zealand men’s softball as both a player and then as a coach. On the diamond he wore the Black Sox uniform from 1987-1990, which included winning a silver medal at the ISF VII Men’s World Championship in Canada in 1988. Following his retirement from playing, Don went on to become the first coach to win back-to-back world titles. From 1998-2004 his New Zealand teams captured the gold medals at the marquee ISF event in 2000 in South Africa and 2004 in their home country. His technical analysis helped the team achieve success that he was honored for with the 2004 Halberg Award (New Zealand Sports Awards) for coach of the year.
  • darren-zack
    Darren ZACK, Canada, Player
    Darren is a legendary pitcher on the men’s international fast pitch softball landscape. He appeared in three ISF men’s world championships, winning one gold medal and two silver medals, including being the winning pitcher in the title game at the 1992 event. He also won three gold medals at the Pan American Games and one more at the Pan American Championship for Men in 1993 when he had a 0.00 earned run average in 19 innings. As a result of these accomplishments Darren’s name has become synonymous with Canada’s men’s fast pitch program and the success it has enjoyed.
  • juan-manuel-arambula-solis
    Juan Manuel ARAMBULA SOLIS, Mexico, Administrator
    He was a delegate for Mexico at nine ISF congresses (1995-2011), a technical officer at two ISF men’s world championships (1996 & 2000) and one ISF junior men’s world championship (2001), and the team leader at another junior men’s world championship (1997). In addition, he was a part of Central American and Caribbean Games, championships, and congresses, and Pan American championships and congresses.
  • franco-caverzan
    Franco CAVERZAN, Venezuela, Administrator
    At the time of his election to the ISF Hall of Fame he had served softball for over 30 years. Franco was a tournament organizing committee president five times and presided over two umpire seminars. He was the secretary general of the Central American and Caribbean Confederation (2004-07) and the Pan American Softball Confederation (2008-10). He was also a Venezuelan delegate at four ISF world championships and two ISF Congresses, plus one Pan American Games.
  • alfred-culmer
    Alfred ‘Ali’ CULMER, Bahamas, Coach
    From 1978-1983 he coached the women’s national team, including at two ISF world championships. He was promoted by the Bahamas Softball Federation (BSF), serving from 1985-2000 as the manager of the women’s national team. At the time of his election to the ISF Hall of Fame, Ali had been the treasurer of the Bahamas Softball Federation for nine years.
  • pete-edebone
    Peta EDEBONE, Australia, Player
    Peta played 330 games for Australia and was captain from 2001 until her retirement in 2004. She won medals at all three Olympics that she played in (bronze – 1996 & 2000, silver – 2004). Peta also participated in three ISF women’s world championships (1994, 1998, & 2002), winning a silver and a bronze medal. In 1999 she was the Australian Institute of Sport Athlete of the Year and Team Athlete of the Year. She was inducted into the Softball Australia Hall of Fame in 2008, and was the athlete representative on the ISF Executive Council.
  • guller-eriksen
    Guller ERIKSEN, Denmark, Administrator
    At the time of her ISF Hall of Fame election, Guller was involved in softball for more than 30 years, beginning as a Danish Softball Federation board member and part of the European Softball Federation technical committee from 1980-87. In the years to come she would serve as Danish softball president, vice president, and treasurer, as well as a stint on the ESF executive council. In 2005 she received the “Honorable Award of 25 years service in sport” from the National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark. That year she also became a member of the ESF Hall of Fame. Guller is the first person from Denmark inducted into the ISF Hall of Fame.
  • linda-marie-ford
    Linda Marie FORD, Bahamas, Player
    Linda played internationally for over 30 years, pitching for the Bahamas in the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and into the new millennium when her team competed at the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo in 2003. Along the way she played in two ISF women’s world championships (1990 in USA and 1994 in Canada) and was on the bronze-medal winning team at the first World Games. Over the years Linda won, among others, batting, pitching, and most valuable player awards.
  • bob-harrow
    Bob HARROW, Australia, Coach
    At the time of his election to the ISF Hall of Fame, Bob had managed Australia’s men’s program for ten years. During that time the national team improved to a first-ever ISF men’s world championship medal (bronze, 2004) and then first place finish (2009). He had been inducted as a Life Member of Softball Australia in 2010, having devoted over 20 years of service to the sport in that country.
  • ramon-lopez
    Ramon LOPEZ, Venezuela, Coach
    He was the manager-coach of Venezuela’s national team at three ISF men’s world championships and two ISF junior women’s world championships. He served in the same role at two ISF women’s world championships and was the manager-coach of Venezuela’s first ever Olympic softball team (2008). In the 1990s and 2000s Ramon held that same position at countless regional championships and multi-sport Games throughout the Americas.
  • paul-maisey
    Paul MAISEY, Australia, Player
    Paul played for Australia in three ISF men’s world championships (1996, 2000, & 2004), including a bronze medal finish in the last of those, when he finished with a .400 batting average. Two years later he won a silver medal at the 1st Men’s Commonwealth Softball Championship. He had won the tournament batting award at national events in 1997 and 2000. An outfielder, he participated in national competition for almost 20 years.
  • russell-moffat
    Russell MOFFAT, New Zealand, Meritorious Service
    Russell Moffat was the chief scorer more than 20 times in almost 20 years of service to Softball New Zealand. He was a scorer at four ISF men’s world championships (1988, 1992, 1996, & 2000) then worked the sport’s pinnacle event, serving as a scorer at the 2004 Olympic softball competition in Athens. He was inducted into the Softball New Zealand Hall of Fame in 2006.
  • chubb-tangaroa
    Robert ‘Chubb’ TANGAROA, New Zealand, Player
    A pitcher for the Black Sox for almost a decade, he won two ISF men’s world championship gold medals (1988 & 1996) and one silver (1992), posting a combined won-lost record of 12-1 over those three events. In addition to that trio of tournaments he played in at least 40 more international games. Chubb later would serve as New Zealand’s pitching coach and was inducted into the Softball New Zealand Hall of Fame in 2004.
  • ray-tilley
    Ray TILLEY, Canada, Player
    An infielder and designated hitter, Ray was a fixture on Canada’s men’s national team in the 1980s and 90s. He won four Pan American Games gold medals (1983, 1987, 1991, 1995) and won ISF men’s world championship gold (1992), silver (1984), and bronze (1988) medals. Later he carried on as an assistant coach, beginning in 2001, and earned medals with the staff of the 2004 (silver) and 2009 (bronze) teams at the pinnacle ISF men’s event.
  • hung-cheng-tseng
    Hung-Cheng TSENG, Chinese Taipei, Coach
    His work spanned three decades, serving the Chinese Taipei Amateur Softball Association and their national teams in a variety of roles. The tournaments that Hung-Cheng Tseng was a part of ranged from ISF world championships to the World Games, the Asian Games, the Arafura Games, and the Asian women’s championship. He also worked extensively in softball with the Private Chien Tai Senior High School.
  • ginaer
    Gina WEBER, New Zealand, Player
    Gina played in four ISF women’s world championships, winning a gold (1982), silver (1990), and bronze medal (1986), and posting a perfect 4-0 won-lost record at the other. She was the team captain when she competed in the 2000 Olympics, registering a 0.96 ERA in seven games played. She went on to serve as an assistant coach for the White Sox at the ISF women’s world championship in 2006, one year after having been inducted into the Softball New Zealand Hall of Fame.
  • miguel-acosta-serrano
    Miguel ACOSTA SERRANO, Cuba, Administrator
    Acosta has been president of the Cuba Softball Federation beginning in 1998. Under his presidency, Cuba has participated at several qualifying tournaments and later for the Central American Games, Pan American Games, and Sydney 2000 Olympics. He was elected as vice president of the Central American Softball Confederation in 2001. At the time of his induction, Acosta was vice president for the Spanish Speaking Caribbean of Central American & Caribbean Confederation.
  • enrique-alcaraz
    Enrique ALCARAZ, Argentina, Administrator
    Alcaraz started his international softball career in 1972 as a manager. He has organized numerous ISF Umpire Seminars and South American softball championships for women and junior women. He has also been an official delegate representing Argentina at eight ISF Congresses. He was the head of Delegation for the Argentina men’s national team at the 2003 Pan American Games. He has also served as vice president, then president, of the South American Softball Confederation and vice president of CONPASA, fulfilling duties on commission of several championships.
  • board-anaya
    Javier ANAYA LORDUY, Colombia, Meritorious
    Anaya Lorduy began his international softball career as an organizer for the Central American & Caribbean Men’s Championship 1997. He was elected as secretary general of the Colombian Softball Federation (2005), and secretary/treasurer of the South American Softball Confederation (2008) and the Central American & Caribbean Softball Confederation (2013). He has been an organizer for many regional events including the 2005 Central American & Caribbean Men’s and Women’s Championships, 2005 Bolivarian Games, 2006 Central American & Caribbean Games, and 2006 South American Championship. He was a member of the technical commission for the Pan American Women’s Championship 2013. At the time of his induction, Anaya has represented Colombia at four ISF Congresses as an official delegate, a member of ISF commissions at five ISF congresses, and president of the organizing committee for the 26 th ISF Congress.
  • Carlos_Caro
    Carlos CARO, Puerto Rico, Coach
    Caro has contributed to international softball as a coach, developing athletes at all levels for 25 years. At the time of his induction, Caro participated in 14 ISF sanctioned events. He has worked with national softball federations in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic – guiding the country to its only international gold medal at the Central American Games qualifier in 2005 as head coach. He also was head of the Dominican Republic Softball Technical Commission from 2002-2007. In 2012, he became pitching coach for the Puerto Rican Women’s National Team, which included 8 th place at the ISF World Championship, their highest finish at a world championship in the last decade. Caro also helped Puerto Rico qualify for the 4th Pan-American Games (Toronto 2015), the Central American Games (Veracruz 2014) and for the ISF Women’s World Championship (Haarlem 2014).
  • Joseph_Chejne_Janna
    Joseph CHEJNE JANNA, Colombia, Administrator
    Chejne has assisted with the development of women athletes in Colombia through social responsibility throughout his softball administrative career. He has also provided support and medical assistance to the softball athletes as a physician. Chejne is the founder of the South American Softball Confederation becoming the first president in 1988 and leading the technical commission. He helped organize South American, Pan American, and Central American & Caribbean Championships, along with several other international tournaments in Medellin, Colombia. At the time of his induction, he was vice president of the Colombian Softball Federation.
  • Bob_Crudgington
    Bob CRUDGINGTON, Australia, Coach
    Crudgington began his service to the development and enhancement of Australian teams internationally in 1993. He was the head coach of the bronze medal 19U Australian women’s team at the ISF Junior Women’s World Championship in Normal, IL, USA in 1995 and the silver medal Australian Open Women’s team at the ISF Women’s World Championship in Fujinomiya, Japan in 1998. He led the women’s team to two bronze medals at the 1996 and 2000 Olympics as head coach. Crudgington coached internationally at 34 international tournaments with a total of 293 games for Australia, winning 213 games, 74 losses and 6 draws – a winning percentage of 72%. The Australian team never finished lower than bronze during his tenure. In 2006, he was inducted in the Softball Australia Hall of Fame for his outstanding service to the game.
  • exiquio_echarte
    Exiquio Jesus ECHARTE LEIVA, Cuba, Player
    Escharte represented Cuba internationally over a 23 year period. The first baseman commonly led all batters in batting average or hits. At the 1988 ISF Men’s World Championship, Escharte had the second highest number of hits for the tournament. He won three gold and one silver medals at four Central American Games; four gold and one silver at six Central American championships (1986, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1997, 2000); four bronze medals at the Pan American Games (1987, 1991, 1995, 1999); and one gold and three bronze medals at the Pan American championships (1985, 1989, 1993, 1998).
  • Board_Knowles
    Romell KNOWLES, Bahamas, Administrator
    Romell Kresh Knowles, affectionately known as “Fish”, – a former softball player, coach, manager and sponsor – quickly elevated to become the youngest elected president of the Bahamas Softball Federation. Three months after being elected, he organized and hosted the first Female Junior CONCACAS Championship in the Bahamas. During his tenure he placed emphasis on the high school development program, immediately providing opportunities for persons seeking college scholarships through the sport of softball. He also placed great emphasis on the Bahamas National Softball Championships which became the largest sporting event in the country. Knowles became the first Bahamian to be elected as Vice President of the ISF and has sat on several important ISF Commissions. He is also the founding member of the English Caribbean Associations of Softball Confederations. In 2008, he was elected Secretary General of the Bahamas Olympic Committee, was re-elected in 2012, and appointed its first Executive Director. Knowles has also served as president of the Eleuthera Softball Association, vice president of the Grand Bahamas Softball Association, and president of the New Providence Softball Association.
  • luisa_medina
    Luisa Maria MEDINA GONZALEZ, Cuba, Player
    Medina represented Cuba over a 23 year career. As a catcher, she played in two ISF women’s world championships (1990 and 1994); two Olympic qualifiers (1995 and 1999); and one Olympic Games (2000). Regionally, she played in four Central American & Caribbean Games (1982, 1990, 1993, and 1998); four Pan American Games (1991, 1995, 1999 and 2003); four Central American and Caribbean championships (1988, 1993, 1996 and 2001); and three Pan American championships (1994, 1997 and 2001). Always a threat at the plate, she had the most home runs at the 1999 Olympic Qualifier and stolen bases at the 1996 Central American & Caribbean Championship.
  • antonio-morales
    Antonio MORALES ARRIETA, Colombia, Administrator
    Morales began serving the sport of softball internationally in 2001 when elected president of the Colombia Softball Federation, a position he still holds. Regionally he has been vice president of CONCACAS and president of the South American Softball Confederation. In 2009, he became one of two ISF vice presidents for Latin America. At the time of his induction, Morales has been the head of delegation for the Central American & Caribbean Games in 2006, a member of many technical commission both in- and out of Colombia, and an official delegate representing Colombia at four ISF Congresses.
  • haylea-petrie
    Haylea PETRIE
    , Australia, Player
    Petrie earned 204 caps with the Australian women’s national team over her 12 year international career.  She played in one ISF junior women’s world championship (1987) and three ISF women’s world championships (1990, 1994, and 1998) – winning a silver and bronze medals.  She earned a bronze medal at the 26th Olympic Summer Games in Atlanta playing outfield in every game. In 2005, Petrie was inducted into the Softball Australia Hall of Fame, followed by induction into the Softball Queensland Hall of Fame in 2008.
  • mike-piechnik
    Mike PIECHNIK, Canada, Player
    Piechnik represented Canada from 1987 to 1999, winning two Pan American Games gold medals (1995 and 1999), and gold and silver medals in two ISF World Championships, (1992 and 1996, respectively). He also played in three North American Challenge Cups, winning gold in 1991 and silvers in 1992 and 1993, and was Most Valuable Pitcher and Most Valuable Player at the event in 1992. His international pitching record was exemplary, leading Team Canada to numerous podium finishes.
  • eduardo-sabate
    Eduardo Ramon SABATE, Argentina, Coach
    Sabaté began his international career by being name head coach for the Argentina national teams in 1981. He was a head coach at seven ISF World Championships (1981, 2001, 2005 and 2008 Junior Men’s World Championships, 2003 and 2007 Junior Women’s World Championships, and 2013 Men’s World Championship) and pitching coach at two ISF World Championships (1997 Junior Men’s World Championship and 2002 Junior Women’s World Championship). Beginning in 2003, he has contributed to the international development by running coaching clinics for the ISF in El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Nicaragua, Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Sudan, Africa.
  • rb-thomas
    R.B. THOMAS, USA, Administrator
    Thomas has been involved in the sport of softball most of his adult life beginning as a player in 1960. He managed slow pitch softball teams for 32 years until retiring from the team level in 2009 after winning forty National/World Championships over that span. He has organized the ISSA World Championships since 1995. At the time of his induction, he has organized and directed 14 ISF Senior World Cups as ISF Director of Senior Softball. Thomas has been inducted into six softball halls of fame domestically for his involvement and expertise in national and international senior softball.
  • santos-vasquez
    Santos VAZQUEZ ORTIZ, Puerto Rico, Umpire
    Vazquez began his career as an international umpire in 1990 with the ISF Women’s World Championship in Normal, Illinois, (also in 1994 and 2010 – as an assistant UIC). He worked at one ISF Men’s W orld Championship (2009) and two Olympic qualifiers (2003 and 2007). During the Olympic Games in Athens, he was chosen as the home plate umpire for the gold medal game. Regionally, Vazquez officiated in four Pan American Games (1991, 2003, 2007, and 2011), four Central American & Caribbean Games (1990, 1993, 2006, and 2010), one Central American championship (2010), three Pan American championship qualifiers (1993, 2006, and 2009). At the time of his induction to the ISF Hall of Fame, he was the Umpire in Chief of the Central American and Caribbean Confederation and Regional Umpire Coordinator for the Americas and conducted regional ISF umpire certification courses.

  • Michael WHITE
    , New Zealand, Player
    White participated in four ISF Men’s World Championships representing both New Zealand (1984 and 1988) and the USA (1992 and 1996).  While representing New Zealand, he won two gold and two silver medals.  He is the first pitcher to pitch a perfect game in a final of a world championship – for New Zealand in 1996 against Canada. During his reign with the Black Sox, his international record stood at 22 games, 403 batters faced, 113.2 innings pitched, and a 0.74 earned run average. At the time of his induction, he was still active by coaching collegiately in the USA, including one trip to the College World Series.
  • brooke-wilkins
    Brooke WILKINS, Australia, Player
    Wilkins earned 165 caps with the Australian women’s national team over her 12 year international career. She played in three ISF women’s world championships (1994, 1998, and 2002) winning a silver and bronze medals. As a three-time Olympic medalist, she earned two bronze (Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000), and one silver (Athens 2004) medals amassing a 6-2 record over 25 games in the pitching circle.
  • oria-wood-knowles
    Oria WOOD KNOWLES, Bahamas, Player
    Knowles represented the Bahamas in four ISF Women’s World Championships (1978, 1982, 1990 and 1994) and two World Games (1981 and 1985) in her 34 year career. She also played in numerous regional competitions including Central American & Caribbean championships (1996 and 2005), Pan American championship (1994), Central American & Caribbean Games (1986 and 1990) and the Pan American Games (1991 and 2003). Over the years as an active player, Knowles produced, implemented and operated youth softball tournaments, camps and programmes. She also served as the National Coach in Cuba, as the first female National Team Manager, and the New Providence and Bahamas Softball Federation Youth Director.
  • Marissa_Carpadios
    Marissa CARPADIOS, Australia, Player
    Carpadios earned 175 caps with the Australian women’s national team over her 10-year international career. She played in two ISF women’s world championships (2002 and 2006) winning a bronze medal in 2006. She earned a silver medal at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics while starting in every game. A feared batter and catcher, Carpadios was inducted into the Softball Australia Hall of Fame in 2010.
  • Mike_Harrow
    Mike HARROW, Australia, Player
    Harrow earned 152 caps with the Australian men’s national team over his 15-year international career. He played in five ISF men’s world championships (1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2009) winning a bronze (2004) and a gold (2009) medal. As a captain of the men’s national team for 8 years, Harrow was inducted into the Softball Australia Hall of Fame in 2013.
  • Eddie_Kohlhase
    Eddie KOHLHASE
    , New Zealand, Coach
    Kohlhase was part of the New Zealand men’s national team coaching staff for 15 years, beginning as an assistant coach in 1998. He led the Black Sox as head coach at two men’s world championships, earning silver (2009) and gold (2013). As assistant coach, he earned two gold medals (2000 and 2004). Kohlhase has also coached numerous teams locally for Auckland. Prior to his coaching career, he earned two silver medals (1988 and 1992) and one gold medal (1984) as a player. In 2004, he was inducted into the Softball New Zealand Hall of Fame and made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2014.
  • neville-lawrance
    Neville LAWRANCE
    , Australia, Umpire
    Lawrance began his umpiring career in 1984 and attained his international umpire certification in 1997. From there, he umpired in numerous ISF sanctioned events and multi-sport games internationally, including the South East Asian Games and the South Pacific Games. He umpired in one world championship qualifier (2009), one world championship (1998), two Olympic qualifiers (2003 and 2007), and one Olympics (2004). A seven-time McAuliffe award winner, Lawrance was inducted into the Softball Australia Hall of Fame in 2014.
  • indalecio-alejandrez-mesa
    Indalecio Alejandrez MESA, Cuba, Coach
    Mesa led the Cuban women’s national team for 20 years beginning in 1994. He earned two golds (1998 Central American Games and 2013 World Games), one silver (2014 Central American Games), and one bronze (1995 Pan American Games) at multi-sport games. At regional championships, he led his team to one gold (1996 Central American Championship), one silver (1997 Pan American Championship, and one bronze (2013 Pan American Championship). He was also head coach at two ISF Women’s World Championships (1994 and 2014). Locally, Mesa has been a head coach for youth and student league for over 25 years.
  • Debbie_Mygind
    Debbie MYGIND
    , New Zealand, Player
    Mygind played her first international event in 1982 winning gold at the Pan Am South Pacific Classic. She played in two ISF women’s world championships, winning gold in 1982 and bronze in 1986. Mygind was named to the 1982 World Team, following her pitching performance at the world championship. Following her playing career, she has been an assistant coach at three world championships (1995 junior women’s, 2012 women’s, and 2014 women’s). With a lifetime ERA of 0.21, Mygind was inducted into the Softball New Zealand Hall of Fame in 2001.
  • Dean_Rice
    Dean RICE
    , New Zealand, Player
    Rice played in four ISF world championships in his 15 year international career. As a third baseman, he earned three gold medals (1985 junior men’s, 1996 men’s, and 2000 men’s) and a silver medal (1992 men’s). Following his playing career, Rice has coached in two women’s world championship (2002 assistant coach and 2010 head coach), earning Coach of the Year by Softball New Zealand in 2010. In 2006, he was inducted into the Softball New Zealand Hall of Fame.
  • bob-stanton
    Bob STANTON, Canada, Administrator
    Stanton began his involvement in softball as a team manager in 1976 before becoming an umpire in 1983, followed by his international umpire certification in 1994. In 2001, he was named North American UIC and then Deputy Director of Umpires in 2006 for the ISF. His first international assignments as UIC came at the Pan American Qualifier in 2006 and Pan American Games in 2007. In 2008, he was appointed Director of Umpires. He has served as UIC at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, many multi-sport Games, and all softball world championships since 2008 – a role he still holds at the time of his induction. Under his open and respectful leadership style, Stanton has overseen numerous umpire clinics and certification seminars globally and has modernized and streamlined the umpire program overall. In 2011, he was inducted into the Softball Canada Hall of Fame.
  • Mike_Stapleton
    , Australia, Coach
    Stapleton changed the meaning and self-confidence of Czech players at the international level and elevated them to the top 8 in the world. As head coach, he led the men’s national team to three gold medals at the European Championships (1997, 1999, and 2008). He also coached in three world championships – 2000 as the Czech head coach, 2004 as a Czech assistant coach, and 2015 as an Argentina assistant coach. Stapleton, over a 20-year span, coached in Europe and South America spreading not just softball experience, but was a second father to many players.
  • Lubomir_Vrbensky
    Lubomir VRBENSKY
    , Czech Republic, Player
    A pitching legend in Czech Republic, Vrbensky has played in four men’s world championships (1996, 2000, 2004, and 2009), leading the national team with an overall pitching record of 14-8. He is an 11-time national champion (Chomutov); 4-time European champion, and a 6-time European Champions Cup champion. Off the field, Vrbensky has given back serving as the pitching instructor at every Czech Softball camp.

  • Godfrey BURNSIDE, Bahamas, Coach

  • Doug CHASE
    , Canada, Player

    , Colombia, Administrator

  • Burket DORSETT
    , Bahamas, Administrator

  • Diana Lucia DUARTE GARCIA
    , Guatemala, Player

  • Johnny LAU Kwok Yip
    , Hong Kong, Player

    , New Zealand, Meritorious Service

  • Jarrad MARTIN
    , New Zealand, Player

    , Colombia, Coach

  • Roberto PERALTA
    , Panama, Umpire

  • Melanie ROCHE
    , Australia, Player

  • Andrew J. SHERMAN
    , Guatemala, Meritorious Service

  • Fiona TIMU
    , New Zealand, Player

  • Natalie WARD
    , Australia, Player