Chinese Taipei beat Japan, 3-1, thanks to a two-RBI double by left fielder Lo Wie Chieh and with some help from the rain. Minutes after Chinese Taipei got the lead, the umpires were forced to delay the game because of heavy rain. At 8.59 the Technical Commission decided to call the game and make the score final. Japan can blame the weather, but the first loss may also have something to do with errors.

Japan was quick to get on the scoreboard against Wang Yan Cheng. Shortstop Ryusei Takeoka scored from second in the bottom of the first on a base hit by designated hitter Takaya Ishikawa.

Japan gave up the tying run on a double-steal attempt. First baseman Ho Heng Yu was trapped between first and second and allowed enough time to third baseman Wang Shun Ho to steal home.

Japan’s designated hitter Takaya Ishikawa hit a one-out double off the wall in left field in the top of the fourth, but then became the second out trying to steal third.

Two errors charged on Takeoka put the runners on board for Lo Wie Chieh in the bottom of the fifth. His double off the wall in left field proved to be a game-winner.