The MINI BASEBALL Summer Festival, a series of baseball activities organized to let the children experience the fun of baseball, was officially launched last week at the Tianmu Sports Park, in Taipei, Taiwan. One of the highlights of this Summer Festival is the competition between U-10 teams and U-8 teams, which consisted of 13 teams altogether.

The Summer Festival challenge rules are different from the baseball rules that the general public knows. In order to allow each child to participate fairly, and at the same time avoid the gap between the strong and the weak players, the hitter will change after a round of nine people. Children in the U-8 category use the batting tee to avoid distraction from the pitcher, which allows children to concentrate solely on batting and defense. For the U-10 category, pitching is implemented in the game and is performed by the team coach, aiming to improve batter’s performance through coach’s guidance.

The U-10 teams took the round-robin method. In the morning session, the Giants team defeated both New Taipei City team and Fu-Lin Elementary School by a score of 12-9, and was the first team to be qualified for the championship game. In the afternoon session, WHB team defeated KEEP Baseball Academy team, 17-4, and Liu-Jia Elementary School team, 13-3, and also advanced to the championship game. In the finale, the Giants team sealed the victory with a grand-slam home run and beat WHB team by 16-11 to take the U-10 championship title.

The U-8 event was played by seven teams and adopted the single elimination system. At the championship game, New Taipei City team deafed Liu-Jia Elementary School team, 18-8, and won the championship title.

MINI BASEBALL will expand its scale to hold seminars and regional competitions throughout Taiwan, in hoping to reach more parents, teachers, and coaches who love baseball.