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Press Release Finnish Baseball and Softball Federation

The Finnish Baseball and Softball Federation has decided to merge under the Pesäpallo Federation (Finnish National Baseball Federation). The goal is to increase cooperation to obtain synergy benefits and comprehensively improve the status of bat-and-ball sports in Finland.

Baseball and Softball Federation President Tony Jones believes the path of cooperation is the only correct course for the future.

– I am pleased that the latest idea of cooperation came from the Pesäpallo people. Merging with Pesäpallo has always been our top alternative. Over the years there has been some animosity between our sports, but lately hatchets have been buried and we move forward on a path of cooperation. The goal is to create a win-win for both of our groups, Jones assures.

The Pesäpallo Federation’s desire is to open up eyes and show the future of bat-and-ball sports on the widest possible scale.

– There is strength in cooperation. The interest in bat-and-ball sports will increase and the Pesäpallo Federation’s activities will move along toward a new international dimension. Of course pesäpallo will remain pesäpallo also in the future, Pesäpallo Federation President Unto Väisänen observed.

Currently in Finland there are just over 300 baseball enthusiasts and approximately 10 competitive playing teams. In the most recent world IBAF rankings Finland’s men’s team was placed at number 68.

– There is an opportunity to improve on our ranking. I am not necessarily expecting a flood of new players in connection with the merger, but I am sure interest will awaken and I am hopeful will see an increase in our activity. Immigrants are one target group and pesäpallo players are welcome to try out their abilities even at the highest level, as they already have many of the skills needed. Baseball is an international sport that is played by millions in many countries around the world. The possibilities to reach the top are there, said Jones.