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The Italian Federation announced their 20 men roster for the U-18 Baseball World Cup. Manager John Cortese, who as a middle infielder represented Italy in the IBAF World Cup in the 1980s, will count on 9 players attending FIBS Academy in Tirrenia (Angioi, Bertossi, Bettarini, Novello, Flisi, Morresi, Pasotto, Seminati, Tucci; Novello filled in for fellow Academy member Censi, who was scratched from the list due to shoulder problems). Seminati (Cincinnati Reds) and Vassalotti (Milwaukee Brewers) are under contract with MLB organization, with Venezuelan born Vassalotti active in the Dominican Summer League.
Here’s the complete roster of the azzurri.

PITCHERS (9) Aldegheri, Battioni, Bettarini, Bortolomai, Dall’Agnese, Novello, Marco Pizzolini, Tucci, Vassalotti
CATCHERS (3) Bertossi, Da Re, Morresi
INFIELDERS (5) Angioi, Giarola, Monti, Paolini, Seminati
OUTFIELDERS (3) Daddi, Flisi, Pasotto

Italy defeated Czech Republic in the final to win the “Enzo Civelli” tournament in the north eastern Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and complete their preparation. Cortese’s staff is made by pitching coach (and former Italian League and National Team star starter) Rolando Cretis and coaches Stefano Cappuccini, Gianluca Marenghi and Daniele Santolupo (conditioning).

The U-18 Baseball World Cup will take off on Friday 1 September in Thunder Bay, Canada. In the qualifying round Italy will face Nicaragua, Australia, Chinese Taipei, Canada and Korea. Medal games are scheduled on Sunday 10 September.

Italy’s schedule at the U-18 Baseball World Cup 2017