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TAIPEI — The Chinese Taipei Baseball Association (CTBA) and the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), represented by Baseball Federation of Asia leader Tom Peng, have launched a Mini Baseball promotion to further target kids aged 7 to 10 to the game.

Baseball is already the most popular spectator sport on the island, but the baseball world is planning for aggressive global growth.

The project aligns with the vision to reach one billion players and fans by the next decade, taking baseball to the streets, urban and other novel areas, in order to help make the sport accessible to everybody across the world.

The first Mini Baseball Experience days are scheduled for 18-19 November in Taipei City.

Taiwanese MLB players to serve as Mini Baseball Ambassadors 

Ambassadors of the Mini Baseball program are Taiwanese MLB players and heroes (photoed): Red Sox infielder Tzu Wei Lin, the MVP of the WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup 2010, and Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chih Wei Hu, who played for Chinese Taipei at the WBSC U-16 Baseball World Cup 2009. Both were at the press conference in Taipei City to announce the project and their involvement.

WBSC firmly believes in adapting sport to the social, economic and geographical environment in which it is played. In August baseball games inspired by 4 Esquinas, a game popular in the streets in Cuba, were played at the Friendship Games in Burundi.