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Pitching Regulation (Fast Pitch Only) Points of Emphasis

Sep 1, 2015



Clarification of the WBSC (formerly ISF) Fast Pitch Pitching Regulation

  1. Signal
    • Pitcher must take or appear to take a signal from the catcher.
    • Both feet must be in contact with the pitcher’s plate.
    • Ball must be in either the glove or the pitching hand and the hands separated.
  2.  Pause
    • Pitcher must have hands together.
    • Ball may be in either the glove or the pitching hand.
    • Both feet must be in contact with the pitcher’s plate.
    • Body must be completely motionless for 2 seconds. Pitching hand may move within the glove to grip the ball.
  3. Start of the Pitch
    • The pitch begins when the hands separate or when any movement that is part of the pitching motions begins.
    • The pivot foot may slide from side to side as part of the pitching motion provided contact is not lost with the pitching plate. Lifting the cleats a minimal distance to allow movement is permissible however lifting and resetting the pivot foot is not permissible.
    • The stepping foot and the pivot foot must remain in contact with the pitchers plate until the forward step is taken.
    • Lifting the front of the pivot foot (toes) is permitted as long as the rear (heel) of the pivot foot remains in contact with the pitcher’s plate.
    • Lifting the heel of the pivot foot and using the front of the pivot foot (ball and toe of foot) to start the push off is permitted. In this action the heel of the pivot foot lifts and the pivot foot twists to push off however the foot does not move forward of the pitching platesoftball_ump3
  4. Pitching delivery
    • The start of the pitch begins with the separation of the hands or with any motion that may be considered as part of the pitching delivery.
    • The pitching hand with ball must begin separation from the glove with when the pivot foot loses contact with the pitcher’s plate or the ground.
    • The pitching arm must maintain constant motion throughout the push off and landing or the end of the push off.
    • The pitcher may hide the ball behind the glove however the pitching hand with the ball and the glove must be separated.
    • Once the pitch or pitching motion starts, the pitching arm may not stop its motion.
    • The pivot foot may land and twist with a follow through at the release of the ball provided there has been not stoppage in motion or delivery.Example of legal push and drag style:
      softball_ump4Example of legal leaping style:

Technical Bulletin – 2014 – 03

The following are the major revision to the WBSC Official Rules of Softball. There are other changes not noted here that are merely housekeeping changes which involve revisions to grammar, sentence structure or clearer wording. Housekeeping changes do not affect the intent or meaning of the rule.

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Technical Bulletin 2014 – 02

The incorporation of a white, grey or yellow optic circle giving the appearance of a ball on the uniform or official equipment or within the team name or logo.

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Rule 3, Sec. 1m

A reminder to all National Federations and your coaches, players and umpires that the current WBSC bat certification standard (adopted at the 2005 Congress) is the ASTM high-speed batted ball test (100mph).

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Rule Reference – Rule 3 Sec 4

Any player may wear a glove, but only the catcher and first base may use mitts.
b. Gloves worn by any player and may be any combination of colors, provided none of the colors (including the lacing) are the color of the ball.

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Rule Reference – Rule 7 Sec 1 f Effect and Rule 8 Sec 2 k

There is a possibility of a misunderstanding when reading the aforementioned rules together. Unfortunately it will take a rule change to totally clear up, however we cannot do a rule change this year. Until the rules change, we will have separate rulings under Rule 7 Sec 1 f Effect and Rule 8 Sec 2 k. Exception. Rule 8 Sec 2 k Exception will not apply to the on-deck batter who is covered under Rule 7 Sec 1 f Effect.

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