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Technical Bulletin 2014 – 02

Mar 1, 2014



The incorporation of a white, grey or yellow optic circle giving the appearance of a ball on the uniform or official equipment or within the team name or logo.


Based on the principles of fair play and following the intention of Rule 3 Section 4 c, which prohibits the use of gloves with white, grey or yellow optic circles giving the appearance of a ball; No team shall be permitted to wear a uniform or use official equipment with a perceptible white, grey or yellow optic circle, giving the appearance of a ball.


While it is felt that no team would deliberately design their uniform to cause confusion in opposing players, a uniform or piece of official equipment utilizing a white, grey or yellow optic circle giving the appearance of a ball, could result in a participant becoming confused as to the actual location of the ball and therefore shall not be permitted.

This interpretation is issued for the purposes of fair play and the betterment of the game.  See Rule 1, Section 69; Rule 3, Section 3 c; Rule 3, Section 8 of the Official Rules of Softball and Article 12:02 of the WBSC Softball Division Competition & Technical Code

Coaches Uniforms – Rule 4 Section 1 b:

Coaches must be neatly attired.  If not wearing a team uniform the coaches should be wearing team colors.  While coaches should be similarly attired, it is not necessary that they be dressed exactly the same.  For example, one coach may choose to wear a jacket consisting of team colors while the other coach may choose not to wear a jacket or a jacket of a different team color.  Also one coach may opt to wear shorts and the other may opt to wear long pants.  Variances in the dress of coaches should be permitted for religious or medical reasons.

Re-issued – March 1, 2014 by Bob Stanton WBSC-SD Director of Umpires


Technical Bulletin – 2014 – 03

The following are the major revision to the WBSC Official Rules of Softball. There are other changes not noted here that are merely housekeeping changes which involve revisions to grammar, sentence structure or clearer wording. Housekeeping changes do not affect the intent or meaning of the rule.

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Rule 3, Sec. 1m

A reminder to all National Federations and your coaches, players and umpires that the current WBSC bat certification standard (adopted at the 2005 Congress) is the ASTM high-speed batted ball test (100mph).

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Rule Reference – Rule 3 Sec 4

Any player may wear a glove, but only the catcher and first base may use mitts.
b. Gloves worn by any player and may be any combination of colors, provided none of the colors (including the lacing) are the color of the ball.

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Rule Reference – Rule 7 Sec 1 f Effect and Rule 8 Sec 2 k

There is a possibility of a misunderstanding when reading the aforementioned rules together. Unfortunately it will take a rule change to totally clear up, however we cannot do a rule change this year. Until the rules change, we will have separate rulings under Rule 7 Sec 1 f Effect and Rule 8 Sec 2 k. Exception. Rule 8 Sec 2 k Exception will not apply to the on-deck batter who is covered under Rule 7 Sec 1 f Effect.

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