Athletes Commission

In 1981, the then-IOC President, Juan Antonio Samaranch, created the IOC Athletes Commission. Its creation was confirmed by Rule 21 of the Olympic Charter.

Role of the WBSC Athletes Commission:

  • Serves as a consultative body and is the link between active athletes and the WBSC.
  • Represents athletes and upholds the rights and obligations of the athletes.
  • One Baseball and Softball representative each serves as a member of the WBSC Executive Board.
  • The Commission makes recommendations to the WBSC’s Executive Board.
  • This Commission is composed of athletes elected by the athletes during the WBSC World Championships and must balance gender and sports.


  • Awareness-raising among athletes of all categories in reference to anti-doping.
  • Supports and follows the initiatives of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), e.g. promoting the anti-doping passport, and harmonizing rules and sanctions.
  • Warns about the risks of using nutritional supplements.
  • Supports other commission activities as needed.


Justin Huber


Ashley Jacqueline Stephenson


Maria Soto


Erika Jacqueline Anne Polidori


Pauline Prade


Commission Liaison

Amy Eun Byul Park |