Legal Commission

The Legal Commission’s role is both consultative and operational on legal and ethical issues and provides a forum for discussion of current legal issues generally affecting the various organizations, which make up the baseball and softball world.

Legal opinions, studies and actions:

  • Providing legal opinions to the President and Executive Board upon their request on issues relating to the exercise of their respective competences.
  • Analyzing and informing the Executive Board of the Statutes’ amendments which they deem necessary and of any legal matter this may require.
  • Cooperating in elaborating and amending, whenever this has been requested specifically by those concerned, the Statutes of the Continental Confederations or of member Federations, Associations or Organizations.
  • Reporting to the Executive Board the conclusions deriving from legal, statutory or regulatory consultations to be submitted to the Executive Board or to the Congresses.
  • Providing preliminary opinions concerning draft amendments to Statutes and By-Laws.
  • Providing opinions concerning host contracts and commercial contracts.
  • Considering actions or defense concerning the WBSC.
  • Carrying out studies of legal nature on issues which may affect the interests of the WBSC.
  • Acting in the course of electoral proceedings at the WBSC, as specified in the Statutes.
  • Receiving through the Executive Board any appeal regarding a penalty that had been imposed on any affiliated Federation, Association or Organization or any of its members, reviewing the case from the procedural point of view and inform the Executive Board so that later they can bring it to the knowledge of the WBSC members at the next Congress, serving as an element for the judgment before the Congress ratifies or modifies the said penalty. This shall not apply to decisions or appeals related to rules of competitions or anti-doping matters.
  • Performing any other tasks of legal nature entrusted to it by the WBSC.


Ron Finlay

AUS | Chair

Vincenzo La Rocca


Karen Kreider Gaunt


Commission Liaison

Amy Eun Byul Park |