Media Commission

The Media commission handles TV Rights and New Media, and has a key role, in the worldwide dissemination and promotion of WBSC tournaments, and advising the best possible working conditions for the broadcast and communication media during WBSC tournaments.

Activities :

  • Handles relations with the Media
  • Prepares and sends Press Releases
  • Produces the WBSC World News (bimensal or monthly)
  • Produces articles to be published on the WBSC website and also manages content
  • Information gathering on the activities of the Members and the Confederations

Broadcast negotiations:

The Media Commission is responsible for preparing and implementing the overall WBSC strategy for future broadcast rights negotiations, in conjunction with WBSC Web Strategy and other media initiatives.
The Commission collects marketing intelligence and consults with experts around the globe, determines the rights and benefits packages to be sold and implements the tender and negotiation process. The Commission also deals with issues pertaining to the current broadcast rights agreements and other media issues.
Includes links to the Finance, Juridical, Marketing Commissions.