Sport and Environment Commission

Since 1995, date of establishment of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) Sport and Environment Commission, the International Olympic Committee explicitly recommended the institution of Sport and Environment Commissions within the International Federations and the National Olympic Committees in order to develop best environmental practices in the international events.

Role of the WBSC Sport and Environment Commission

The WBSC Sport & Environment Commission (SEC) has the mission of raising awareness of key environmental problems and issues among the international baseball/softball family and greater sports community at large. The WBSC SEC has the important task of monitoring the implementation of all modern environmental principles and techniques at each and every WBSC event and/or activity.
It oversees LOC’s (Local Organizing Committees) progress in the planning and staging of WBSC events; furthermore, it maintains contact with all WBSC member federations, so that the baseball/softball community is aware of environmental problems as they relate to hosting events.
The WBSC SEC provides specific guidelines to interested parties in order to carry out the best environmental practices in organizing any such international baseball/softball activity. These techniques and practices can also be applied in day-to-day situations, where appropriate.
 The WBSC SEC can also work with stakeholders, such as some specialized association that can be consulted to organize informational–educational sessions or workshops.
The scope of this project is both vast and exciting because of the overall goal to reduce the carbon footprint left behind by sports related activities, so that everyone can live in a more sustainable world.


Julio Pernas

ESP | Chair

Maria del C. Alanis


Commission Liaison

Joan Garcia |