The Order of Honour


This draft refers to the Regulation drawn up by the IOC to award the Olympic Order and takes into consideration the particular history of the WBSC.

Article 1 WBSC deems opportune to recognise those people that contributed to the foundation of the World Baseball Softball Confederation, to its success and to the development of all potentialities of the merge of Baseball and Softball such creating a World Baseball/Softball Family.

Article 2 The WBSC Order of Honour represents the supreme honour awarded to those persons who have acted in such a way as to illustrate the ideals of baseball/softball and their outstanding merits in favour of the development of our sport and who have rendered exceptional services to baseball/softball.

Article 3 This distinction shall be awarded by the WBSC Executive Board and the WBSC Congress shall be notified accordingly.

Article 4 The candidature file shall mention the merits and services provided to baseball/softball. Besides, consideration shall be taken of the respectability, the reputation, the fair-play and the integrity of the candidate in his or her baseball/softball and private life. To this effect, the Executive Board may undertake any prior inquiry to the baseball/softball and political bodies of his or her country.

Article 5 Prior to the award of the Order, an Executive Board member shall read the full candidature file and show it on the screen.

Article 6 The Collar of the Order, the medal, the pin and the diploma shall be awarded to the awardee or his or her representative by the WBSC President.

Article 7 The Award is numbered and the WBSC office will keep the register.

Article 8 At the moment when the WBSC President awards the Order, he/she shall read as follows: «I, President of the WBSC, on behalf of the WBSC Executive Board and the WBSC Congress, on behalf of all its Members, National Federations, Associations and Organisations, today (date), here in (city and State), award Mr./Ms. (name and surname of the awardee) the WBSC Order of Honour. With this award the International Family of Baseball/Softball wishes to recognise and distinguish Mr./Ms. (name and surname of the awardee) for his or her contribution to the foundation, success and development of the World Baseball Softball Confederation and our sports».

Article 9 The Executive Board shall provisionally withdraw the WBSC Order of Honour in case of severe infringement of the WBSC Statutes, Codes, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, lack of respect and integrity or public negative sayings about baseball/softball ideals. The Congress is the only body empowered to finally withdraw this distinction.

Article 10 Any modification to this Regulation shall be made by the Executive Board only.