Tournament Department

The Tournament Department reports to the Executive Board through its Chairman.


  • Monitoring tournament organization to ensure respect of the Norms, By Laws and the Host City Contract is being adhered to.
  • Assists the LOC to deliver the tournament.
  • Selection of Technical Commissioners for WBSC Tournaments.

The commission also works with other commissions to ensure:

  • Viability of new and current tournaments.
  • Evaluating the norms for tournament play.
  • Professional baseball participation.
  • Implementing bat and ball official lists are maintained.
  • Developing global calendar.
  • Assisting in the selection of WBSC player awards.


The Tournament Department depends directly on the WBSC’s Executive Board (EB) and acts according to the decisions taken by the EB.

The Tournament Department is made up of the baseball and softball divisions and manages autonomously the championships.