PRAGUE, Czech Republic–The Suma Pony European Zone Championships begin on Thursday, 19 April, at Eagles Park in Prague (Czech Republic). The age brackets are Pony U-14 (Boy’s Baseball), Colt U-16 (Boy’s Baseball) and Colt U-16 Girl’s Softball).
The champions will receive automatic bids to the Pony and Colt World Series in the USA.

The seventh edition of the Pony U-14 European Zone Baseball Championship features 20 youth teams divided into 4 pools. The youth clubs are from 12 European Countries: Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Israel, Spain, Belarus, Great Britain, Austria, Lithuania, France and Ukraine.

The winners will advance to the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pony World Series in Washington, Pennsylvania.

The Colt U-16 Baseball Championship will be played by 20 clubs divided into 4 pools. Teams will have youth players from 12 European countries: Slovakia, Netherlands, Serbia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Israel, Germany, Russia, France.

The winners will advance to the Colt World Series in Marion, Illinois.

The Colt U-16 European Zone Softball Championship has 16 participating clubs divided into 4 pools. The host Czech Republic will have 8 youth clubs competing. But local youth clubs from Russia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Spain, Great Britain and Serbia will be represented. The winners will advance to the East Zone Girl’s Softball Nationals in Sterling, Virginia.


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