GUNJUR, Gambia — Run the Bases, with the support of the WBSC concluded a field programme using Softball and Baseball5 to address inequalities and help social changes in Gambia.

During over 2 weeks of work, besides teaching the basics of the sport to the kids and local coaches, the Gambia programme also worked on values like communication, leadership, cooperation and decision making.

The biggest highlights of the programme were definitely the final competitions.

The first one, played at Kajabang pitch, was created for the children to show off all the softball skills they have learned. Drawing in over 200 people from four different communities (Kartong, Madina Salam, Berending and Gunjur), this tournament saw eight mixed teams play four rounds, a semi-final and a final which eventually saw team Red 2 come out victorious. Prizes were also awarded for Best Communication, Best Leadership and Best Team Player.

The second event, held in Berending village, was Baseball5 match between two mixed teams of local coaches. Once again, the event attracted considerable interest amongst members of the community who came out to watch as they faced off in the village square.  Our onsite photographer Caylee Hankins caught all the action – smiling faces, acrobatic catches , and the sheer athleticism of the local players.


WBSC supported the initiative donating four starter kits (one for each community) and Baseball5 balls.

Run the Bases addresses gender inequalities by teaching life skills, using softball as a vehicle for social change. The Gambia project had a strong female representation of players throughout the camp, compared to the relatively small presence they may have in other aspects of society.

More pictures about the field programme in Gambia. Click to enlarge

all photos by Caylee Hankins