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The World Baseball Softball Confederations aims to identify, train and assess umpires across the globe in order to improve the quality and consistency of officiating throughout the game of softball. The WBSC strives to promote better communications between umpires, coaches and staff to be able to provide consistency in the interpretation of the Official Softball Rules.

Rule Modifications & Interpretations, Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletin – 2014 – 03

The following are the major revision to the WBSC Official Rules of Softball. There are other changes not noted here that are merely housekeeping changes which involve revisions to grammar, sentence structure or clearer wording. Housekeeping changes do not affect the intent or meaning of the rule.

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Technical Bulletin 2014 – 02

The incorporation of a white, grey or yellow optic circle giving the appearance of a ball on the uniform or official equipment or within the team name or logo.

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Rule 3, Sec. 1m

A reminder to all National Federations and your coaches, players and umpires that the current WBSC bat certification standard (adopted at the 2005 Congress) is the ASTM high-speed batted ball test (100mph).

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