How to become a WBSC Certified Softball Umpire



1. An individual who is interested in umpiring should contact their WBSC affiliated National Federation to become a registered official with the National Federation.

2. To eligible to be considered for WBSC Certification an individual must be currently registered, and for the immediate preceding seven (7) years, the applicant MUST have been a registered umpire, active, and in good standing with their National Federation.

3. The applicant must be ranked at the highest level of umpiring within their National Federation when applying.

4. An applicant may be certified in more than one (1) category (fast, slow, or modified pitch), but must attend and pass a WBSC Umpire Certification Seminar in each category for which they are applying.

5. The applicant must have the approval of their National Federation to attend the seminar. The applicant must be in good physical condition and able to perform the duties of an elite umpire at the highest level. The applicants must achieve the minimal bench marks established for the physical fitness tests set by the WBSC.

6. To be successful an applicant shall pass the exam through the new online Quizzes section selecting Seminar Pre-Qualification. An applicant must answer 85% (43 out of 50) of the questions correctly to pass the Seminar Pre-Qualification Exam before being permitted to attend a Certification Seminar.

7. At the Seminar the applicant must achieve a combined minimum score of 90% on 5 measurements: leadership – maximum 5 points; plate mechanics – maximum 5 points; case play – maximum 5 points; mechanics play – maximum 5 points; and on‐field evaluation – maximum points – 80. Candidates must achieve the Bench Mark on four (4) physical fitness tests consisting of: chair stand test; 27 meter (87 feet) dash; perform the agility test and complete a thousand (1,000) meter run.


1. In order to attend a WBSC Umpire Certification Seminar, candidates must complete an Application form which may be obtained from the WBSC office E‐mail:

2. Applications should be personally signed by the applicant and one [1] Officer from the applicant’s National Federation, [e.g. the Umpire in Chief, President, Secretary General, Commissioner or designate person of the National Federation], verifying that the applicant has met the criteria set out in Paragraphs 2, 3 and 5 of Section A above. An e‐mail to WBSC office verifying the above will suffice as signatures.

3. Along with the application, the applicant must forward a digital head and shoulder photograph to WBSC office e-mail

4. Applications that are not completed correctly, or are submitted without the photo(s) and required signatures, or do not meet the qualifications as outlined in Section A above, will be returned to the respective National Federation.

5. There is no registration fee for Certification Seminars.


1. All expenses incurred by the applicant attending a WBSC Softball Umpire Seminar (i.e. all travel, housing, and meals) are the responsibility of the applicant.


1. Applications will be received at the WBSC Office throughout the year.

2. Notification of when and where the next WBSC Certification Seminar will be held, closing dates etc. will be e‐mailed to applicants once known. All applicants and their National Federations will be advised, in writing, of their acceptance to attend the seminar. Acceptance is on a first come, first served basis with applicants from the Host Federation getting preference.


1. Unless certified in the current rule period, all certified umpires who wish to be considered for selection to WBSC World Cup or Sanctioned Event must recertify every rule period. All umpires who certified or recertified in between 2012 and
2017 are considered to have recertified for 2018 World Cup or event selection.

2. Umpires may recertify beginning in 2019 by writing and achieving 85% correct answers on an on‐line rules exam consisting of 30 questions. If unable to write the rules exam on‐line other arrangements may be made through the umpires National Federation.

3. Umpires must file a current positive in field evaluation from an WBSC Cup or event or from Regional Championship or event or from a National Championship or event.