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The World Baseball Softball Confederations aims to identify, train and assess umpires across the globe in order to improve the quality and consistency of officiating throughout the game of softball. The WBSC strives to promote better communications between umpires, coaches and staff to be able to provide consistency in the interpretation of the Official Softball Rules.

Rule Modifications & Interpretations, Technical Bulletins

Rule Reference – Rule 3 Sec 4

Any player may wear a glove, but only the catcher and first base may use mitts.
b. Gloves worn by any player and may be any combination of colors, provided none of the colors (including the lacing) are the color of the ball.

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Rule Reference – Rule 7 Sec 1 f Effect and Rule 8 Sec 2 k

There is a possibility of a misunderstanding when reading the aforementioned rules together. Unfortunately it will take a rule change to totally clear up, however we cannot do a rule change this year. Until the rules change, we will have separate rulings under Rule 7 Sec 1 f Effect and Rule 8 Sec 2 k. Exception. Rule 8 Sec 2 k Exception will not apply to the on-deck batter who is covered under Rule 7 Sec 1 f Effect.

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Rule 1 Section 66

Runner on first, the runner takes off to steal the base, it’s a passed ball, the runner slides into second, The short stop tells the runner it’s a foul ball, (without faking a tag). The runner stands up and returns to first where he is tagged him OUT!, but the base umpire tells him to stay in second because the short stop said it was a foul ball.
Should it be consider an out or should the runner be entitled to second??

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