Slow Pitch Softball

Slow Pitch Softball is a game played on a diamond by two teams, each with a minimum of nine players in the field (ten players allowed); one team plays offence, while the other plays defence.

The game lasts a total of seven innings, with both teams having the opportunity to play offence and defence in each inning. The team who has the most runs at the end of seven innings is the winner.

In Slow Pitch Softball, the ball is pitched underhand by the pitcher in an arc that travels slowly. The ball must be delivered with an arch between 1.83m (6’) and 3.65m (12’). The pitch can be delivered using pitching styles similar to those in Fast Pitch Softball, however the pitch must be thrown slowly and must have a perceptible arch.

The principle offensive strategy is to hit the ball as far as one can, especially seeing as if bunting is not allowed and a foul ball on a third strike equates to an out. One other fundamental difference between Slow Pitch Softball and Fast Pitch Softball is the Slow Pitch allows a tenth player in the field on defence to Fast Pitch’s nine. Finally, no stealing is allowed in the Slow Pitch game.

2018-2021 WBSC Slow Pitch Playing Rules