CARTAGENA, Colombia — Cuba, Dominican Republic, Brazil, USA, Colombia and Panama have advanced to the Super Round of the COPABE U-15 Pan American Baseball Championship, keeping their U-15 Baseball World Cup hopes alive.

The Dominican Republic is the only National Team that makes it undefeated to the second round.

Based on qualifying round results, nations will start in the Super Round with the following records: Dominican Republic and Cuba 2-0; Brasil and USA 1-1; Colombia and Panama 0-2. Below the schedule of the Super Round:

Wednesday 16 August
Dominican Republic-Panama

Thursday 17 August
Dominican Republic-USA

Friday 18 August
Cuba-Dominican Republic

Gold and bronze medal games are scheduled for Saturday 19 August.
The top 5 National Teams of the Super Round will qualify for the WBSC U-15 Baseball World Cup 2018.

At the end of the qualifying round, surprises in Cartagena come from Puerto Rico (same record as Colombia and Brasil) and Venezuela (same record as Panama) have had their U-15 Baseball World Cup dreams broken. They will play in the 7th to 11th Place Round with Honduras, Nicaragua and Argentina.

Nations in the consolation round will start over with these records: Venezuela 2-0; Puerto Rico 1-0; Nicaragua 1-1; Honduras 0-1; Argentina 0-2.

As an official continental championship and WBSC World Cup qualifier, nations will earn world ranking points based on the final standings of the Pan Am Championship.

Final Opening Round Standings:

Group A

  1. DOM 4-0
  2. BRA 2-2
  3. COL 2-2
  4. PUR 2-2
  5. HON 0-4

Group B

  1. CUB 4-1
  2. USA 4-1
  3. PAN 3-2
  4. VEN 3-2
  5. NCA 1-4
  6. ARG 0-5