Three thousand fans made their way into Bob Van Impe Stadium today for the Opening ceremonies and the first game of the championship for Canada. 400 people packed their way on the field as long time Canadian National Teamer Dean Holien threw the opening pitch and softball legend Bob Van Impe officially opened the championship.

Today’s 7 Wonders of the Worlds

  1. Australian Ace Adam Folkard got his team off on the right foot with a three hit shutout 1-0 win over Japan.
  2. Dominican Republic catcher Freddy Moreta went 2 for 3 with a homer and 3 RBIs in his team’s 8-1 win over Denmark.
  3. Czech Republic Catcher David Mertl went 2 for 2, with a homerun and 2 RBIs. He also walked twice and scored 3 times.
  4. The first 20 second clock violation in Sr. Men’s World Championship history took place today in the bottom of 1st inning against American pitcher Tony Mancha. The 20 second clock went off after the ball was in the Pitcher’s circle for more than 20 seconds. Mancha went on to record a 4-hit 7-0 win over the Mexicans.
  5. Australian RF Shaun Goffe went 2 for 3 with a homer off the center field time clock. His homerun was the only run scored in the win against Japan.
  6. John Zambrano, Venezuela’s 1B hit a grand slam in his team’s 11-1 win over Netherlands. He went 2 for 2, scored 3 runs and hit in 6.
  7. Derek Mayson, Canada’s 3B went 4 for 4 with a homer and 3 RBIs in his team’s 6-0 win over Guatemala. He was a triple away from the cycle.

Game Summaries

Game 1: Dominican Republic v Denmark 8-1

The first game of the tournament saw Dominican Republic dominate Denmark. Momentum shifted quickly in the bottom of the 4th when the Dominicans scored two runs on three hits to go ahead 3-0. In the 5th a key error by 3B Jesper Sillemann opened up the flood gates, leading to 5 runs. The game was capped off by a 3 run walk off homerun by the catcher Freddy Moreta.

Game 2: Venezuela vs Netherlands 11-1

Not very often do you see two grand slams in one game but the Venezuela bats were exploding today. Venezuela got out of the gate quickly with five runs with two outs in the top of the 1st, thanks to John Zambrano’s grand slam. They put it away in the fourth with five more after their second grand slam of the game by Rogelio Sequera.

Game 3: Czech Republic vs Philippines 12-5

Czech Republic jumped out to a big four run lead as a result of four hits and one Philippines error. Philippines were un-phased as they responded with three in the bottom of the 1st after a three run shot by Edmer Del Socorro.

Czech Republic scored three in the top of the 4th thanks to homers by David Mertl and Vaclav Svoboda. Philippines continued to respond as they scored two more thanks to a homer by Orlando Binarao and were only down by two runs. The Czechs all but put the game away in their next at bat as they took advantage of an error by the LF to score four runs, three of them unearned.

Game 4: Australia vs Japan 1-0

This game had an exciting start with lots of chirping and some real intensity present. The Aussies loaded the bases in the top of the 1st thanks to three walks registered by Kento Okazaki. However they could not bring anyone home. In their next at bat they needed only one baserunner to score a run as Shaun Goffer’s was to last as the only run of the game. Australia looked really good but could not score leaving 10 runners on base. Japan left their only runner on base in the 7th and never really challenged Adam Folkard.

Game 6: United States vs Mexico 7-0

After a quiet first inning the Americans looked like they had something to prove to the Mexicans. In the top of the 2nd they scored three runs on a pair of hits. Mexico had no answer for U.S pitcher Tony Macha. The next at bat saw USA score three more thanks to a two run RBI by Kris Bogach and the 2nd unearned run given up Mexico in the game. They sealed the 7 run victory in the top of the 6th on a Matt Palazzo sac fly.

Game 7: Canada vs Guatemala 6-0

Coach John Stuart breathed a big sigh of relief after this one. The championship had finally begun, he had his first big international win as a head coach and Canada beat a team and pitcher that has played them tough in the past.

Canada’s last two games against Jorge Segura had been 1-0 victories, so the coach knew his team had little room for error. When it ended he had a lot to be excited about as Sean Cleary looked like an ace-pitcher and he received a lot of support from his hitters, especially from Steve Mayson who had four hits with a homerun.

Canada scored two in the 1st thanks to a Steve Mullaley homerun to right. Mayson repeated Mullaley’s feat in the 3rd with his two run shot to give Canada a 4-0 lead. In the 7th Mayson added a RBI single and Mullaley scored on an Ian Fehrman ground out. Cleary looked solid giving up only two hits and Paul Koert was given some circle time, as he mopped up in the 7th.

Game 8: Argentina vs New Zealand 3-2

Argentina exploded out of the gate with two big runs in top of the 1st. Juan Malarczuk led the game off with a homerun off of Kurt Schollum. Schollum looked a little shaken as he then gave up a walk and a double to go down 2-0. He loaded up the bases but got a huge strikeout off Nicolas Carril to end the inning. Although he seemed to settle down somewhat he left the game in the 4th for Nik Hayes with two runners in scoring position, but Hayes put out the fire. This gave the Kiwi’s a spark as Nathan Nukunuku narrowed the score with a solo blast.

Argentina had runners in scoring position in four of the first five innings, but still only had two runs to show for it. Argentina pitcher Sebastian Gervasutti mysteriously came in for Juan Potolicchio with two outs and nobody on and had a scare when a high fly ball was dropped in LF producing a runner in the 3rd. He proceeded to get a strikeout to finish the inning. He was not so fortunate in the next inning as Thomas Enoka led off the inning with a huge dinger to tie the game. One out later Gervasutti left the game in favor of Roman Godoy Herbel who finished the inning unscathed. After two outs Hayes loaded the bases in top of the 7th on two walks and HBP. He then gave up his 3rd walk to allow Argentina to go ahead.

16 year old Cole Evans was scheduled to lead off bottom of the 7th but was taken out for Wayne Laulu who was walked. Roman Godoy Herbel settled down nicely getting two strikeouts and saw the pinch runner for Laulu was called for lead off to end the game. The 8:30 game was a marathon and barely ended on the same day it started, with the last out at 11:58.