The WBSC Baseball5 Commission will meet for the first time on Saturday 1 September in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The meeting will be held on the margins of WBSC Executive Board meeting, scheduled to take place later the same day.

The first session of the meeting is scheduled to begin at 9:00AM on Saturday and will be streamed live via the WBSC social media channels.

“Baseball5 has generated interest and enthusiasm behind our expectations,” said WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari. “I am happy that today’s technology allows us to open our decision making process to our members and fans. They will be able to join us in this occasion.”

The Baseball5 Commission is chaired by Mr Angelo Vicini (SRM) and composed by the following members: Mr Antonio Castro (CUB), Mr Elliot Fleys (FRA), Mr Tirelo Mukokomani (BOT), Ms Yumilka Daisy Ruiz (CUB), Mr Antonio Savasta (ITA), Ms Hiroko Yamada (JAP).

The agenda of the meeting reads a follow:

    1. President’s Address
    2. Introduction of the Members of the Commission
    3. Mission and Goals of the Baseball5 Commission
    4.  Update on the Baseball5 Accomplished and On Going Activities
    5. Report on the Future Baseball5 Events and Initiatives
    6. Proposal for WBSC Continental and World Competition
    7. Any other Business